Rate Of Rising HCG Levels Please Read

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LT - November 19

Hi there, I would really appreciate anyone's feedback on this....I am currently 6 weeks/5days pregnant. Because I was having some spotting and mild cramping, my DR. ordered an U/S 3 days ago..we saw my getsational sac though it has an irregular shape, my yolk sack which was a good shape, but no fetus which I hear can be normal at this stage. They took my blood 48 hours a part. My first HCG level was 27,000, so I was hoping that it would have doubled. I just got off the phone with a nurse and she told me my 2nd reading was 29,890. She was wondering why I was so discouraged and i told her it was because I was expecting it to have doubled. She told me that this was a positive sign and that once you get to about 6-7 weeks, your levels may not nececssarily double every 48 hours like they do in the very early stages. Everything that I find on the internet however says the contrary. Does anyone have experience with this?? I am so afraid to get my hopes up after last week's scare. thank you...


eyebeeablessing2u - November 19

here is a helpful website for HCG levels.. http://www.ivfer.com/hcg.htm I have rsearched this since I had my results yesterday.. mine at 7 weeks ws 85576.. which is very high... but everyone is different and between 7 and 10 weeks I have found out that they do level out since the baby becomes more reliable on the function of the placenta... every one is different... and seeing no fetus at this stage could just a couple of days to see... maybe just give it more time... and another US...and also it doesn't always double every 48 ho8urs someitmes the range is 36-72.... how about just keep happy thoughts... I have also had some brown discahrge with only wiping... but I am not discouraged.... its all normal...


LT - November 19

thank you so much...good luck with your pregnancy....I guess I would feel better if I was further along and it stopped doubling. I am going to stop worrying though until I get more information because it just gets too depressing. My next u/s is scheduled for the 24th... thanks again for your response!


shari - November 20

I would trust your doctors. Sometimes these websites tell us things we really shouldn't worry about. I believe they wouldn't lie to you



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