REALLY Constipated

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nic - January 14

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have not been able to use the c__pper for 4 days. Part of it is I'm on 'no exercise' rules from my doctor (I've been spotting), and part of it is that I'm too scared to push because I feel like I'm more likely to spot then. What to do? Is there anything safe to take to alleviate this? My stomach is getting bigger and bigger by the day because of all the c__p I'm storing!!! Normally I can go fearily easily after drinking my 6 cups of coffee in the morning but I only have 1 cup now (because I'm preggo) so that's another obstable.... Please, any advice?


suze42 - January 14

Try metamucil powder at night...a nice big gla__s. It taste like Tang so its not too bad. Also, in the morning, have a cup of warm water...just sip it down. The metamucil may take a few nights to work...but it does...i have the same problem..and did my first pg too. You can even make the metamucil a nightime routine. It wont hurt...its just fibre. Good luck and happy pooping!


jen327 - January 14

I take Colace, a stool softener. I tried Meamucil and FiberCon. But my doctor said a stool softener works best. She offered to prescribe me a prenatal that has a stool softener. She said most Dr prescribed prenatals have on in them. But since I was SO constipated I opted to take a higher dose every other day. It works great. But drinks like 12 gla__ses of water a day.


nic - January 14

Thx so much! I didn't know you could take Metamucil while pregnant - I'm going to give it a go. I do have a stool softener in the cupboard but am too scared to try it in case it's bad for the baby - but maybe I'll research it and see what info I can find. Thanks again!


nic - January 14

Oh, and I'd never heard of prenatals having stool softeners.... I think I need to go and spend some time in a pharmacy and acquaint myself with such things! I'm pretty sure my prenatals don't have this.


jessicaspatherapist - January 14

i was severely constipated from weeks i'm 12w2d and i'm going to the bathroom again (but having to push a lot more...sorry for tmi)...i started incorportating a daily bowl of organic raisin bran and orange juice with pulp, i also make sure i eat at least one fresh veggie per day. this has completely solved my constipation! stay hydrated and that should absolutely doc said colase was okay, however i chose to just eat more fiber......prune juice would do the trick i bet!


stefkay - January 14

oh, boy...i had the same worry this morning. I haven't really had constipation so far, just not number 2ing a lot. Well, today was the first day of constipation. I was soooo afraid to push! I just sat in the bathroom for like 30 minutes! Sorry, tmi, but I hope it isn't like this everyday...


Frances - January 14

Do not take anything that has any kind of laxitive in it, that would really cause problems. Any stool softener you want to take should be double checked by your OB first. Usually anything like metamucil is ok, but drinking lots of water and eating a diet high in fiber is better, of course! Also, you may want to try having your coffee WHILE visiting the little girl's room because when it comes to diuretics, coffee's pretty fast! I hope you find something that works well for you and get to feeling less "uptight!" LOL!


nic - January 14

Guys, I had success this arvo!! Phew! I am going to force myself to drink lots more water - am already eating heaps of fibre, but I think it's the water I need to get it all through the system, so to speak.


charee - January 16

I am 5wks 6 days and have been having worse and worse constipation every day for the past 3 weeks. I do take metumucil, not every single day like i probably should- im afraid to take stool softners while pg. I have even stopped taking my prenatals for the past week to see if thats the prob, i dont think it is!! I am trying to eat more veggie- i drink TONS of water, and i think i may start taking the metumucil religiously every morn and night till it gets better. It makes me feel so c___ppy and tired when not regular!!! Its so weird usually lots of water, grains, rasin bran, and prune juice works but not now!! With my 1st pregnancy I was more regular than ever from the start to end. I dont drink coffee anymore i wonder if that may contribute to it.


charee - January 16

**oops! - 6wks 6days -


stefkay - January 16

it's probably not anything you are taking. I've read the reason pregnant women get constipated is that the digestive system slows in pregnancy. my dr. did say she can prescribe a prenatal with stool softener if needed. So, they have them which is good to know.


flipthea - January 18

Prunes works well for me....try it.


Michell - January 21

Hi Ladies! I have this problem when i am not preggers so i feel almost like an expert at this point. DRINK PRUNE JUICE!!!!!! Every night before bed, and every morning with your breakfast...PRUNE JUICE IS MY SAVIOR!! I don't like taking or drinking fiber because it makes me feel really bloated and full...and if it doesn't work...then you feel much worse. Honestly, I have been through some really rough bouts of constipation (over a week without going) and the only thing that works after years of trying a bunch of fiber pills and drinks and stool softners is a nice big gla__s of PRUNE JUICE! Also, if it gets to a point where it is like a week straight without going, find out if you can use an enema. They are usually very safe...very quick and easy. They seem scary but it is totally no big deal, and it is over in a minute...literally. I am not sure if enemas are safe for pregnancy however so i would check on that or ask your dr. If it is safe to use, i would jump on it, and then drink prune juice everyday to stay regular. Good luck to all the constipated ladies out there.


jessicaspatherapist - January 21

they also have a new juice called "plum start" and its prune juice but lighter in color. i'm gonna buy that next time i go to the store....the commercials say that it regulates your digestion and we all know what that means!



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