Really Faint Pink Line

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bsing123 - April 10

I was due in September with my second and lost the baby at 11.5 weeks. I think I may be preggo again, however, I haven't had a period yet (since the procedure). I took a test over a week ago and it was negative. Now, I have taken several FRER tests the past three days and the test line is REALLY, REALLY faint pink, but certainly there. I'm just concerned that its not getting any darker. My first positive test was Tues night, then again Wed morning, and again Thurs morning. I also took an Equate brand test and it was negative. Then digital test also said negative. What do you guys think. I know I'll probably just have to wait, but I just hate the four letter word!!!


bsing123 - April 10

Oh yeah, I meant to add that I am concerned that I may still have a little HCG left from the procedure, however the procedure was 44 days ago and my doctor said it would be unlikely to have any left, especially since I got a neg test last week.


jessb - April 12

Any news? Did you test again, was it darker?


Krissy25 - April 12

Since you haven't had a period yet it would be really hard to know when you ovulated but it could have been recent. I got my 1st positive 9 dpo and it was really light and i took another one 11dpo it was a little darker but still really light. SO it's possible when you were testing you caught it at the earliest point you could test, and some tests are more sensitive than others, so Hopefully by now the lines are getting a little darker but the best way to know would be to get a blood test obviously. Good luck.


tish212 - April 17

last year when i took my preg tests it took like 4 weeks after i actually was preg to finally get a positive, and even then the lines were light. they stayed light for the whole next month, then finally by three months they were dark ( i only kept taking them to see if they would get darker even though i already knew i was preg through blood work and a urine test at the dr office and u/s) my dd was born in dec just perfect, so dont worry im sure it will be fine hugs and gl



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