Red Blood Just In One Wipe

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Skyla - July 29

I am 8w5d. Sorry about the way this is going to come out but,I just went to the washroom and had a bowel movement (a little constipated) I'm blushing, and when I whiped myslef I had a bit of red blood. It was only in one whipe. I just went back to the washroom and there is nothing no blood nothing. I have no cramping what so ever I feel perfectly fine. Has anyone ever experienced something like this?


Steph - July 29

Yep..I had the same thing but I was only 5 wks, the Dr, said as long as it didn't soak a pad within an hour not to worry. And I haven't had any spotting since then and I am seven week now. But to be sure I would just call you Dr. and let them know. I know that sometimes you have a brownish color spotting and that is normal also. During the first trimester the Dr. said it was normal for some women to spot now and then.


skyla - July 29

Thanks for your input. Makes me feel a bit more calm. But I will let doctor know.


Skyla - July 29

anyone else?


to skyla - July 29

When you say there was blood when you wiped was that wiping for number 2? (sorry to be gross.) If that is the case then the blood prob. has nothing to do with the baby and more to do with constipation or something related with your bowels. It happened to me once because of constipation.


Skyla - July 29

The whipe was for #2 but it don't think it came out of the #2 hole. Trying to put it nicely :) But I had heard if force to much for #2 that it could cause to bleed a bit. But I have no clue.


Kathy - July 29

At the amount you wiped, I wouldn't worry at all. Perfectly normal but if you are nervous, please call your DR and let them know.


jb - July 29

The same thing happened to me once, I got some blood on the toilet paper and a few drop on my underwear over the next few hours. Im pretty sure the blood was coming out of my v____a and not the other place. Dr said not to worry as long as I had no cramping and heavy bleeding. It has not happened again, and now I do not strain when I am going to the bathroom.


jb - July 29

Skyla, BTW-your name is very pretty. Too bad my husband would never go for it for the baby if its a girl, b/c he likes common names :o(


Ca__sie - July 29

When I was about 6 weeks pregnant, I had some light pink blood after wiping, but no blood on panties. I would let your doc know, but not worry since a little blood is usually normal early on. I only had that happen twice that one day and now I'm 21 weeks and doing fine.


randi - July 29

your stool proubly tore the skin


agree - July 30

I agree with Randi...



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