Relief From Morning Sickness

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littlerose80 - June 14

I am seven weeks today and each day i am getting more and more nauseated throughout the day. Its especially bad in the morning. Any suggestions to relieve the nausea? Also has anyone noticed that their nipples are really itchy? Thanks for the replies. Amber


frankschick2001 - June 15

m/s has got to be the most unfortuante thing abotu pregnancy. Mine started at exactly 6 weeks and it has been very bad ever since. I cannot even describe how miserable it can be. I am not a little over twelve weeks. The doctor said that for most women this is the turnaround time and that I should be seeing an improvement very soon. I hope so because this is all actually very depressing. It is definitely taking away from my enjoyment and excitement of all of this. I cannot give you any remedy that works for sure. Different things work for different people. But NOTHING gets rid of it completely. There are things that may help you find relief. For me, eating fruit like watermelon or oranges made me feel OK. Laying down and resting was surely an escape that I used constantly. Try to take some time off from work also. Sometimes tea made me feel better, sometimes it didn't work at all. As far as saltine crackers, I will never eat another saltine as long as I live. Just the thought of them turns my stomach. I must have eaten 4,00 of them! Ginger did not work for me. Neither did sea band bracelets. Like I said, nothing got rid of it for me, but some things may make you feel a little better at the time. One thing is for sure, the more empty your stomach is, the worse it is going to feel.


iakram - June 15

hi sometimes there is no remedy except for the tablets that the dr prescibe. i'm not one for meds to begin with preg or not. but i've had the need to take them in both of my preg. believe me they are a wonder drug. some ladies say the epidural is but i believe my anti nausea meds are the best! i take diclectin - i'm 33 weeks now and i still need to take one each day. it's improved the quality of life and my health. with my first one - i had 24/7 morning sickenss. the tables hellped sooo much! take care and good luck.


emilymalm - June 15

HI Amber. I, too, had horrible morning sickness. Mine last from weeks 4-13, but I did find some things that helped. First, make sure you eat several small meals throughout the day. I started feeling really bad any time my blood sugar got too low. Stay away from foods that are spicy and see which food seem to agree with your stomach. I had to avoid most dairy, sweet things, applesauce as they made me feel worse. Ginger tea worked wonders as did ginger ale and drinking spearmint tea was also calming. Toast with peanut b___ter is another good one. The toast will help soak up any excess stomach acid and the peanut b___ter will help keep your blood sugar up. My morning sickness got a lot worse before it got better. In weeks 9 and 10, I graduated to throwing up 2 or 3 times a day. Starting week 11, things started to get much, much better. As far as nipple itching, I had this too and sometimes still do at 22wks. One thing that I've found helps is to put lotion on them right out of the shower before they have a chance to dry. The "itchy spray" oil by Palmer's also seems to help. Hang in there!



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