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sarahdavid - May 14

have any of you girls rented a Doppler from I just thought it would help give me peace of mind to be able to hear my baby's heartbeat but I don't want to waist my time if it doesent work. So please give me your thoughts and experiences!!!


clindholm - May 14

I was thinking of doing the same thing. I would be interested in opinions.


Kimmer23 - May 14

I would defeinitely do this...I'm obsessed with knowing what's going on! INterested in what other people think... Oh, and how much is it?


meg - May 14

I got one & loved it!! I think I rented it from like weeks 11-16 (I just had it for a month). I recommend the digital kind, otherwise you have to count the HB yourself. Only word of advice I would give you, is not to freak out if you don't find the HB immediately...I did that several times! :-)


softbreeze200 - May 15

ladies I would definatley recomend it to anyone!! i rented mine at 10 weeks and listen every day!! I am now 28w and still listen in on her!! It releived sooo much stress on my pregnancy and I really enjoyed the first two trimesters because I could listen to her whenever I wanted or felt worried. It is great too as once the little monkey starts moving you can actually hear the movements through the doppler long before you can feel them! I agree with Meg, if it is possible, get the one with the digital readout, that way it tells you the heartbeat and you don't make any errors in counting it out yourself. Best of luck with your pregnancies!! :)


margie - May 15

Yes yes!! You should get dd is 5 months old now but that thing reeeeally gave me peace of mind and stopped me from calling the doctor freaking out all the time (i had a mc previous to her pregnancy). Belly Beats has awesome customer service too, I was really impressed. You would think I work for them or something, lol. But really they are good, I'm sure that there are lots of other good ones out there too. Oh and if you girls do decide to get one from there though could you please put in the comments part of your order my customer code that I referred you? It is CHA2667. I suggest the digital one so you can see the heartbeat speed on there. I am going to get one with all of my future pregnancys. Oh and congratulations to all of you! :)


BiancaM - May 16

I saw this thread and ordered myself a doppler. I have a 9 month old son but I've had 3 miscarriages and one last month in april. I am now 5w5d and hope to hear a heartbeat. I ordered the doppler from bellybeats and I got the cheaper non digital one because my husband told me he could count for me lol, I should've ordered the digital but oh well. I'll update on how it works... it might be a few weeks from now since it's probably to early to hear anything for at least 2-3 weeks.


Newbie - May 16

If I rent a doppler, do I need to purchase any of the gels or lotions that go with it? Or do any of you use something else? Thanks.


margie - May 16

at belly beats it comes with one but i think by the end of my pregnancy i ended up buying one more bottle so you might want to get another one


tmanda1223 - May 20

i just got my doppler from bellybeats yesterday, and i love it!!! i'm only 10w5d so i was kinda thinking it would be too early to work, but i already found my little bean's heartbeat 3 different times! :D i got the one with the digital readout, since i don't have the patience to count, and it's awesome. newbie, mine came with a 2.5 ounce (or something like that) tube of gel, but it says right in the instructions you can use aloe or almost any other lotion; anything that's a buffer to stop air bubbles from forming. anyway, the point is that i totally recommend renting one! :) - taryn


Kerri327 - May 22

I just rented a digital doppler from bellybeats. It was $45, but it didn't say if that was a flat fee for a set period of time or if that was the fee for as long as I felt like keeping it. Does anyone know? I'll post updates on how it works.


tmanda1223 - May 23

hi kerri! the $45 is per month of the rental... for example, i rented mine starting on the 15th of this month, so i'm all paid up until june 15th... if i go over that date and haven't returned it i'll get charged $45 again, but considering how much use i'm getting out of it (3-4 times a day) i don't think it's really that expensive. :D hope that helped! - taryn


sarahdavid - May 28

hey girls o just ordered the digital doppler from belly beats! im so excited but im also worried that i may not hear the heartbeat and freak out. i got the digital one so if it starts reading a heartbeat then thats a pretty sure sign it's the baby's right????


Kerri327 - May 28

tmanda, i got the doppler yesterday, but couldn't find the heartbeat. i'm 10w4d and am 223 pounds now. i read online the hb is easier to find early on in slimmer women. is this the case for you? what location did you find it in?


tmanda1223 - May 28

hi kerri, to be honest yes, that was the case with me: i'm 5'2" and about 110 lbs., so that's why my midwife said she herself was able to find it so early... although i will say that even then it still took me almost half an hour to find the heartbeat the first time. i've had the doppler for about a week and a half (i'll be 12 weeks tomorrow) so i'm kind of a pro by now, and it's gotten much easier to track down as the days have pa__sed. i've found that my little bean actually moves around quite a bit, but usually i find the heartbeat right behind/underneath my pubic bone pretty close to the center (like, directly under my belly b___ton). sometimes i still have to push down quite a bit to hear it, but other times it's like the baby is just sitting right there waiting for me to listen... anyway, the point is that if i were you i wouldn't worry about having a hard time pinpointing the heartbeat right now; having a bit of extra weight will make it a little more difficult, not to mention how much these babies squirm and wiggle already! just give it some time and as your little bean grows it will become easier to hear. :) good luck! <3 taryn


tmanda1223 - May 28

hi sarah, like i wrote to kerri, don't freak out or start to worry if you don't hear the heartbeat right away; it really does take practice! but the digital doppler is great, because you can totally see the difference between your heartbeat and the baby's, so there's really no mistaking it; mine is usually around 80-ish, but the baby's is between 160 and 170, so there's a definite distinction. don't worry, you'll get it! :) <3 taryn


Kerri327 - May 28

Thanks Taryn! I'll keep trying....



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