Reverse Cravings

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Lindsey - November 20

I was wondering if anyone else is going through this. I have no craving - just anti-cravings, i can'tbear to eat loads of my favourite foods, i love stews and soups and i can't stand the smell of them cooking - also I used to eat loads of fruit, now i can't even look at it without feeling ill. Is anyone else going through this - i was looking forward to actually wanting something all the time.....


Allie - November 21

I am going through the same thing, Lindsey. Very few foods appeal to me. Fruit, chocolate, ground beef all make me nauseuas just thinking about them. I have found very little that actually appeals to me - I'm hoping that will get better in the secon dtrimester (I am 9 1/2 weeks right now)


Trina - November 21

Heehee, with my 4th pregnancy, I could not stand the sight, taste, or smell of meat!!! Before, I would eat chicken or steak by itself, or cold cuts without bread. It was good though because I started eating my fruits, breads, and veggies!!!


Tillie - November 21

Everything makes me sick, too. Except for peanut b___ter crackers and pudding. I can't even go to restaurants because the smell of any hot foods makes me utterly ill. And yet I keep gaining weight... somehow, I've gained 5 pounds and I'm only 10 1/2 weeks pregnant! I think this is because I'm too sick to be active. Even walking to the mailbox winds me! (This makes going to work very difficult.) Good luck finding something to eat... my once-pregnant friends all seem to agree that pizza was the best first trimester food. But it seems everyone's different, because the thought of that grease makes me shiver!


to lindsey - November 21

i too had a hell of a time finding anything that i could think of eating! now i am 10 1/2 weeks, and am feeling much better, but i will tell you that if i dont REALLY, REALLY want something, i cant eat i really feel for you, but it has to get better at some point. they say that you probably will go 'off' of foods that you normally loved, so you seem to be experiancing pretty normal pregnancy signs. good luck to you! take care!



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