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marie - March 2

any one else RH negative??


sandra - March 3

Yes, I am. This is my second pregnancy.


michelle - March 3

I have a negative blood type. It's no big deal as long as you get the rogam shot at about 24 weeks pregnant, and then again after birth.


Veronica - May 2

I am also and that is right as long as you recieve the rho gam shot everything will be just fine.


lilmum - May 3

yep. Get your shots and be sure you do. I just found out too that if you have any spotting whatsoever, to go to the hospital to have a rhogam shot then (if it's before the 24week shot) just to be sure you don't build any antibodies.


mlh - May 3

I am rh - and needed a shot around 8 weeks because of spotting. This is my third pregnancy.


Lesley Ann - May 4

Yes I am. I had some spotting at the beginning of my pregnancy so I got the Rhogam shot a bit early and I'll have to have another one at 28 weeks and then again at birth. If you get that, there are no problems.


Mandy - May 4

I am Rh neg and this is my third pregnancy (one child, one miscarriage). As the other women have said just make sure to get your Rhogam shot if you plan on having more children...even in the case of miscarriage. Usually you will have lab work done prior to shot to make sure that they give you the right amount.


C - May 5

I am RH negative as well.


lilmum - May 5

is anyone else AB- ?


emily - May 18

i am rh - and recently 1 month pregnant and really scared because i already had two miscarriages


vanessa - May 18

I am O- and my hubby is O+. Doctor already said I will require the shots. She didn't say anything about this being a concern for miscarriage though.


patience - May 18



Bree - May 18

I'm on my 3rd child. Will I have to get them again? I had to get one w/and after w/my 2nd bc he isn't negative. What about this time??? I haven't even thought of it. Does anybody know?


Tasha - June 23

I am RH nagative and have a 4 year old and one on the way.


Q - June 24

I'm A-, and am on my second pregancy, with my first ending in miscarriage. I had a rhogan shot after my miscarriage, and have had another shot in week 6 this time after spotting. My doc told me I'd probably get more shots if I started spotting again. I don't know what the father's blood type is, we are waiting for the results. I'm am so glad that the shots are available!


Mini - July 6

Yes, I am. This is my second pregnancy with 8 months.minor heart problem



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