Ring Needle Test

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preggoplease - February 19

I have seen alot of people talking about the test where you dangle a ring/needle above your belly it will circle for a girl and swing in a line for a boy or vice versa. I seen people say it's one way and then others say it's the opposite. I want to try it but now I'm confused. I heard it was accurate for most women. I think it would be something fun to do. Anyone know the real rules on this? We should all do it after we know the rules, and post it!!


heather28 - February 19

I have always heard back and forth- boy; circles- girl. I did it when I was pregnant the first time I got circles and I had a girl. This time I get back and forth...so I guess I'll have to wait and see. I tried Googling it, but you get mixed results.


moescrilla - February 19

well, i heard the opposite, and its been accurate for me (circles boy) so who knows really? lol... maybe its what you "think" it is. who knows really, lol


akmomma - February 20

PLEASE! These really no sure way to determine the s_x of the child except via ultrasound.... These methods are old wives tales....


preggoplease - February 20

akmomma- Like I said it's just for FUN! So if you are going to be rude stay off my thread! As for you other girls....I'm going to try both ways. I seen other threads like this from way back, and it was interesting to see the different results..lol.


lovestruckjsw - February 20

i heard that for the ring it is circles=girl and back and forth = boy. For the needle I heard it was vice versa. I tried it with the ring and it went in circles (its really cool because it just seems to move completely on its own) and everyone keeps telling me they have a feeling I'm having a girl. But of course I won't really find out for a little while longer. akmomma, we know that it is not a sure way. It's just something fun to do with the hubby or friends. I know me and my husband thought it was fun! Nobody said anything about it being a fool proof method.


bsing123 - February 20

I TOTALLY believe that this test works!!! I have done it on sooooo many pregnant ladies since my first pregnancy just to test it out and I have NEVER seen it wrong! And I've done it over 20 times. Circles is for the girl and back and forth is for the boy. The best way to get a real result is to have someone else that doesn't know which way is which to dangle the ring from the thread. That way you are sure that you aren't swaying it in the way you would like!!! It really does work, though!!!!


bsing123 - February 20

Try it over your head and then over your husbands! This will show you the difference in the boy and girl energy. It will go in circles over you and like a pendelum over him.


lovestruckjsw - February 20

well if it works as good as you say (this is my first so I dont know) then I'm having a girl! I'll report in a few weeks when I find out if it really worked : )



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