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Stephanie - April 6

Hey Penny you made me bust up LOL bc ketchup and mayo make 1000 island HAHA thats too funny! You can even add just a drop of mustard for the tang and relish too YUM!! AHHH I am soooo going to Dennys for lunch today.... EWwww there beef veg. soup too with two things of crackers.... I'm getting sooooo hungry!! YUMM..... Oh coffee how funny I just grabbed a cup and I have been very good staying away but my a__sistant just got in and had amug I could'nt control myself You know that smelling coffee beans is a home remedy for curing headaches....You know how I'm always thinking of different inventions and stuff I thought I could put the beans in a sak and sell them for a home remedy thing but I never fell through.


Misty - April 6

Yes, I heard that caffiene helps with headaches also. So I added some drinks with it back into my day, it really helped. And you talking about Denny's made me remember how much I looooove their buffalo wings. My mouth is watering just talking about it, yummy, they are the best wings I have ever had anywhere. Mmmmmmmm


jessica - April 6

caffine?? will have to try that !!1 it seems like i get one everyday around 5 - yeah its been for the past 2 weeks, so sounds like its par for the course......mmm chilli cheese fries......


Steph - April 6

Ok I'm totally starving right now so when I go home I am going to eat all of the above.......YUMMY ........Hey Jess is it when you work it sounds that by end of day you get the headaches....Maybe your boss will give you a sympathetic hr or so and you can leave earlier until you feel better and gain more energy??


penny - April 6

Ive still got this thing for Mexican food, so that's what I had for lunch, but now the chilli/cheese fries sound yummy....


Steph - April 6

I love Mex on a reg basis especially after being prego but then after I was talking to Robyn about it (2 wks ago) I went and the rice was hard and the chicken was dry......... I have'nt been able to face it since.............You know I cried when they messed up my food and I was so angry that I did'nt even complain I wanted to crawl up into a ball!! I took my daughter so now she thinks I'm nuts and you know I'll agree with her that was nutty huh?!? My horomaones are so outta wack!!


penny - April 6

you make me laugh!!



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