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kelley - January 24

Hey there Allie, I had not heard form you in a while, just thought that I would check in and see how you were doing... hope that all is well... didn't you have another u/s this week? How did that go? Let me know. ~Kelley


RyanswifeAllie - January 25

Hey there, Kelley! Wow! Thanks for thinking of me! I will have the ultrasound on Monday. I'm so very nervous. I should be 7 weeks 2 days on Monday. I'm so worried they won't see anything, but am praying so hard! I've actually been rather sick....Monday I was vomiting a lot.....I haven't thrown up since then, but I sure feel terrible.....so I'm hoping that's a good sign. Please keep praying, Kelley! Thanks so much for the well wishes!


margie - January 25

hi allie...if i recall you are in the same boat as me with just seeing the gestational sac for the first ultrasound, except mine was also measuring a couple weeks behind my LMP (according to that I should be 7w5d)....my ultrasound is also Monday...babies and heartbeats for us next week! lets keep our fingers crossed and i'll say a prayer for your little peanut too. =)


kelley - January 25

Allie, I just know that I had not heard from you and was getting concerned that something may have gone wrong. I will tell you that being sick is a very good sign, I am excited to hear how the scan goes on Monday and I will continue to pray for you and your family. I had my doctors appointment last week and I actually got to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. My OB told me that there was a 50 - 50 chance that we would hear it and we did. It was such a relief to know that everything was okay. I am now 12w4d and I am actually starting to feel better, the morning sickness seems to be subsiding, of course every time that I say that it comes back... knock on wood that is actually gone now. Good Luck and I will keep praying. Hope to hear from you soon.


kelley - January 29

Allie, I thought that I would bump this and see how things went today... let me know. ~Kelley


RyanswifeAllie - January 30

Kelley!!! We saw the heartbeat!!! Everything was there. Baby measured perfectly and the heartbeat was 168 bpm. I was nervous later in the day because I had to go to the bathroom really bad and as I got up I felt this liquid wet all over my underwear! I was so worried it was the water sac or something....but the nurse thought it was probably just urine leaking out.....I was so scared. Has that ever happened to you?


kelley - January 30

Allie, that is great news. I am excited for you and that you got to see the heartbeat. I am sure that the nurse is right about the liquid.. I have not had that happen in this pregnancy yet, but as I progressed in the other 2 if it got to a point where I HAD TO go there could be some leaking. I gave the ultrasound tech the 3rd degree about if the u/s could hurt the baby, and so on... she rea__sured me that there was nothing that she could do to hurt the baby. Congratulations girl and keep in touch. Hugs ~Kelley


ginger6363 - January 30

Congrats, allie!



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