Sac But No Baby

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Amy_mommy - August 18

Hi, ladies, i need tyour help. My 1st day of LMP was 7/5/08 and I know I concieved around 7/16 through 7/19... I missed my period & so, I went to dr. on Augst 2nd to check if i'm pregnant & they did confirm i was pregnant & did a blood test w/ HCG to be 658... Yesterday, 17th, I went in & dr. still couldn't find the baby w/ hearatbeat, but they found a sac... I"m so worry.......... what are the chances I will have miscarraige or something? please help, ladies! I don't even know how many weeks I am & dr. can't tell either..


clindholm - August 18

I believe the fetal pole should be visable about 6.5 weeks from lmp. Are you sure of your ovulation date? Ho wlong are your cycles? I'm sorry I'm not too much help.


meganmacg - August 18

I'm certainly no expert, but it might just be too early to hear a heartbeat. I'm sure your doc would have told you if she thought something was wrong.


Aerinsue - August 19

You are not far enough along to hear a heartbeat. Most doctors will check for heartbeat around 12 weeks. My LMP was 7/11 and I KNOW it is too early or me! At this point you're probably a little over 6 weeks pregnant.


clindholm - August 19

I think she is talking about seeing the heartbeat on ultrasound, the doppler is usually around week 12.


Amy_mommy - August 19

thanks ladies. I went in again yesterday & dr. couldn't find heartbeat. he only saw a sac but not perfectly round. he said it's supposed to be round. the blood test came back normal with high HCG and normal progesterone. he said I should be around 5 weeks......... so, I'm really scared. he told me to come back this sunday...


Kristin72 - September 3 did things progress? Wishing you good luck!!


Amy_mommy - September 3

hi kristin72: couldn't find the heartbeat at 6.5 weeks and sac was irregular shaped and i did the d&c last week.


clindholm - September 3

Amy- I'm so sorry to hear that. Will you be trying again once you are feeling better?


Amy_mommy - September 3

i'm gonna try to have another one after 3 mths. i think i tried tooo early because i got off the birth control pill in june and i got pregnant end of july.


Kristin72 - September 4

Amy-mommy, I am so sorry to hear this. I am also 6 weeks 5 days today according to my lmp. I ovulated around Aug that would make the gestational age around 4.3 weeks. I had an ultrasound today and the doc did not see the heartbeat but a__sured me it was way too early to tell. I am still nervous something could be wrong. I feel for your situation..I hope you fall pregnant again soon. When you mentioned 6.5w was that from your lmp or from ovulation..I am just trying to figure things out myself. All the best to you.


Amy_mommy - September 4

hi kirstin. 6.5 weeks was from my LMP. yeah, 4 wewks is too early to see the heartbeat...


Kristin72 - September 11 nightmare has came true. I am 7w5 days..and no heartbeat. The embryo grew 3mm..but still no hb. I had my blood drawn as well today and will go back in 48 hours. The doc told me things do not look good. I still feel very pregnant. But it seems that I do not have a good outcome in sight. I need a miracle right now.


Amy_mommy - September 12

hi kristin, let us know how it goes. i had a blighted ovum which means i concieved but it just stopped and never developed into a baby.


clindholm - September 12

Kristen, I am so sorry to hear that. Did they not give you any hope? I know you have been ttc and know when you ovulate, are you a late ovulater?


longhorn84 - September 12

Amy, I'm s very sorry to hear about what happened. I am experiencing the same sort of limbo thing right now. Last period was around the end of July, went into the Dr last week (9/5), and all she asw on the sono was a thickening of the uterus. She told me today that my hormones are consistant with what we saw (or rather didnt see) on the sono. We did another sono today, and saw a collection of fluid in the uterus, but still haven't seen my baby. Took more blood today so we can compare hormone levels, and I'm going back Tues, 9/16. Did your Dr. hint to you at all that it could be bad news? Mine seems hopeful, and I don't know if she's trying to make me feel better, or if there really is hope. This is our first, and I really need prayer and a miracle.


Amy_mommy - September 12

well, dr just gave me precaution that i may miscarried. all my bloodwork came back normal like a pregnant women........oh well, we're gonna try 3 mths later



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