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jessieb - March 7

sarah,!!!!! after ten longgggggg months waiting to board the baby train again. i am here, i got my + ticket onto the baby train yesterday. i am thrilled! how far along are you now? i am due nov 12th.


SaraH - March 7

Jessie, Congratulations. That is AWSOME, WONDERFUL news. I'm so happy for you. It's funny you posted as a couple days ago I was just thinking about the past, present, future thread and wondered how you were. I'm so glad for you. I saw your post on the 3rd tri form and while I'm not on the 1st tri forum very much, I thought I'd come back and post a response to you over here. As you said over there "3rd times the charm" and it has been for me, as I'm sure it will be for you too. I am now at 36 weeks (tomorrow). It's been really stressful (especially to start w/) and I've had a lot of nausea and pelvic/abdominal discomfort for most of the pregnancy but overall it's gone smoothly --meaning there have been no complications w/ the baby/pregnancy, which is obviously the really important part. I'm due on April 5th and am starting to be pretty anxious. My mother, her sister, her mother, and her mothers sisters all have had early babies (most of them around 36-37 weeks) so I'm kind of hoping I'll be a bit early too --as long as baby is healthy and ready to come, I'm more then ready for it to appear. I've been having strong and uncomfortable BH contractions since I was about 16w's, but as of last week the baby dropped which has increased the number of really hard BH's, so we'll see how much longer baby stays put (my luck it will decide to stay in there another 6 weeks. LOL). Anyways, I'm so so happy for you. That is the best news, and certainly made my day. Just hang in there, those first few weeks are probably going to be difficult, and EVERYTHING (even the normal stuff) tends to make you worry. Just remember the odds are still much more in your favor. Are you going to see your OB early? I did and it really helped. I asked them to check my HCG and my progesterone levels --which helped to ease my mind for at lest a few days-- just to insure that things were looking okay around the 5-6week mark. My OB also does early u/s to determine that the LMP is correct. She normally doesn't do them until 8-12 weeks but I specifically asked if they'd do it at 6.5 weeks since I lost the last one at 7 and they did. It helped sooo much to ease my mind at that 7 week pt. So, if you can see your doc and have them do some of those 'little things' it might be worth it, as I know that I was such a wreck even w/ the tests I can't imagine how I'd have been w/o that early rea__surance. Anyways, now that I've talked your ear off. I'll let you go. Keep me posted. --I'll check back on this thread- Congratulations!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and I just know that come Nov 12th you're going to have that beautiful baby in your arms. HUGS. ~Sarah


jessieb - March 8

BH since 16 weeks! wow! i didn't know they could come that early. i am so glad to hear that everything has gone smoothly for you. that is the best news. i am going to have the pregnancy too. i just know it! i want my 'perfect' pregnancy that i have been cheated out of twice now. my dh and i have moved to west texas, we came here to start a business. we are in the process of signing a lease to open our laundromat. well, i was pay for my health care COBRA from my last job. i got annoyed at paying 350! a month for it. so i cancelled it effective end of februrary! der! huh? i didn't think i was ever going to get pregnant. since we moved, i don't have a doc yet. for some reason, i don't want to go to the doc. i am not worrying, till there is something to worry about. i DO NOT want a v____al u/s. i hate that machine; so does dh. he agrees with me that we can wait to go to doc. we are in no hurry. there is plenty of time for docs later in the pregnancy. we are just laying low enjoying the news and if i am feeling confident about the pregnancy, why not? i am going to get us a policy this week that our business will pay for. i can't wait!! we have the greatest year ahead, business and baby!! we couldn't be more thrilled. we are not stressed about the baby and business all at once. like dh said, 'the baby takes away a lot more stress than it adds'!!! you are in the home stretch, golly i can't believe it!! do you know what you are having? i think we are not going to find out. hooray all around!!!! so glad to hear from you!


SaraH - March 9

Jessie, I'm really glad that you're not stressing. It made it so difficult and I really wish I'd been able to just relax in and enjoy it to start with --so good for you. As you said, you're not worrying, till there is something to worry about, which is awesome and I'm so envious that you're able to do that --just remember that if you do start to stress that is normal too--- :D Good luck w/ starting the business. You guys sound like you have big year a head of you, but I'm sure it will be GREAT. Well I had my 36w appointment yesterday and everything is good....starting to dilate just a little bit, which is kind of nice. I know that you can walk around dilated for weeks but at least this way I kind of feel like all of the strong BH's I've been having since the baby dropped last week, aren't all for nothing. So, your thinking on waiting to find out the s_x. That's cool. We decided to wait too, and I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones. It seems like everyone I talk to thinks we're crazy b/c we didn't find out but I'm actually quite happy w/ the decision to wait. To me it's kind of like opening Christmas presents -- they're great no matter when you open them, but there is just something special about actually waiting until Christmas day...we wanted to wait until we actually had the baby and have it kind of be the "big" surprise after all of the work w/ labor and such. It really hasn't been much of a problem not knowing other then for buying clothing. I don't have very many outfits and everything is green/yellow/white. I keep seeing all these really cute little gender specific outfits that I'd like to buy if I knew what the little one was, but I just keep reminding myself that I have no idea how big this baby is, what it is, etc. So by only having a few outfits to start w/ I'm not waisting money on clothing that baby is only going to be able to wear for a week (or can't wear at all, as I know some new born's can't fit into NB clothing), and since they grow so fast anyways, I know I'll have to replace everything I were to buy in a month or two as well, so I can wait and buy cute gender specific outfits in a couple months. Great to hear all is going well. I hope you find a good -and not too expensive- insurance to get and that it will take effect quickly for you. Hugs.


SaraH - March 16

hey Jessie, How are things going? Did you find insurance --hope that went/is going smoothly for you. Starting to feel the m/s yet? I know my m/s started around 6 weeks and although it got much better after about 15w, I'm still dealing w/ it a few time a week : ) . So, hopefully you wont have too much of a problem with it. Well, I and baby are still hanging in there, but I guess it could be any time now. I was 37w yesterday so officially full term. Monday I had tons of contractions. They started Monday afternoon and went on all night and into Tuesday. Although they never got really hard they were 5 minutes apart that whole time and nothing was stopping. I tried a bath, a shower, drinking a bunch of water, a walk, etc. everything that is suppose to help if it’s ‘false labor’ I tried and nothing worked. So after only getting a couple hours of sleep we decided around 7 am to go ahead and go to labor and delivery. Since the contractions hadn't gotten harder over the ~15 hours I'd been having them, I didn't really think I was in labor, but I was so exhausted by Tuesday morning that we figured we'd get them checked out and hopefully they could give me something to help me relax if they were false. So, the checked me Tuesday and said that I was just a little bit dilated (which is what I'd been at my ob appointment a few days prior to that) and maybe 50% effaced, so I wasn't in real labor. Thankfully, when they called my ob though she prescribed a seep aid which really helped, as it allowed me to get some rest and caused the contractions to back off to a few hard ones an hour. I had my regular OB appointment yesterday and my OB was really surprised because although they said the contractions I was having weren't doing anything on Tuesday, between then and yesterday I've gone from "just starting to dilate and efface" to “a good 1.5 cm dilated” and everything is now “really soft.” She (my OB) pretty much said 'Oh! Wow. You may be getting ready to go into labor. You'll probably have a March baby instead of an April' -my due date is april 5th. So, I'm getting anxious and kind of hoping that it happens soon. I've been rather sick to my stomach and haven't felt good at all w/ all of the hard contractions. Well, I hope your doing wonderfully. Let me know how you and baby are. Hugs.


jessieb - March 27

okay sarah!! what is up now? have you had the baby? i was MIA for a while. we were in austin, running errands. getting supplies for our laundromat. then, once we got back, my in laws got here. stayed with us for a few days, yesterday they closed on their house. they now live 30 minutes away!! it is great to have them close! we are dong well. some real nausea set in about 10 days ago. no upheaval just lots of quease. my first appt is next week.evertying is going fine. i am now 7 weeks. how are you though???? eeeeekK!!! i can't wait for you to find out boy or girl!??!!


jessieb - March 31

hay sarah!! i had left you a message sometime last week too!! i am good, but forget about me... HOW ARE YOU!!!!!!!


SaraH - April 1

Jessie, I'm good. I'm still waiting to have this baby. I've been dilated to 3cm and 50% effaced for 2 weeks now. The doctor has been expecting me to go into labor for the last 2-3 weeks, but this kid just wants to stay put (don’t know why; it has absolutely no room left in there at all. It’s little rear is always sticking out a good couple inches cause there is no were else for it to go and if you push on it then all I feel is feet shoving against the other side of my stomach –I can’t wait until you’re at this pt. It’s uncomfortable, but such an awesome feeling after what we’ve gone through). I was 39w's on Thursday, and am getting really anxious to have this baby. The doc tried stripping the membrane last Thursday but, obviously, it didn't work. She said that we'll talk about inducing if I still haven't had the baby by Thursday (my due date). I really don't want to induce and am really much more for doing things naturally if possible, but my best friend is coming from MN on the 12th and I really don't want to be stuck in the hospital while she's here. I also am starting to worry about how big the baby is going to be if I don’t induce. My dh was over 10lb's and although I was only 6.5 lb's, I was born at exactly 36w's so...if I'd gone full term probably would have been decent size too. I'm really just hoping that the baby will just come on it's own before I have to worry about deciding to induce or not on Thursday --keep your fingers crossed for me-- . I'm so glad to hear you are doing well. Seven weeks already. YEAH!!! Just think you're already half way through the 1st trimester. Is it going by quickly for you? I know those first few weeks were really the slowest part of the pregnancy for me, but it sounds like you've been keeping yourself pretty busy w/ the business and in-laws. Let me know how the doc appointment goes this week. I'm sorry about the m/s. It sucks but on the other hand it’s kind of a good thing though too. It really helps make you (at least it did me) feel like things are going well and it just made me feel like I "really was pregnant" --if that makes sense. Have you found anything that helps the nausea? anything specific you can eat? I think I lived off of baby carrots and granny smith apples for most of the 1st trimester. LOL. For some reason those were the 2 things that I could eat. Anyways, it was great to hear from you. I’m sorry I missed your post and bothered you on the other thread. I swear, I thought I took a look to see if you'd bumped this thread up before I posted to you on the other thread, but I guess I must have missed it. Sorry about that. Anyways, keep me updated about the doc appointment. So great that all is going well. Hugs and Prayers for you and your baby. ~Sarah


jessieb - April 3

i can't wait to hear what happens this week for you and baby!!! i know that you don't want to induce, i doubt i would either. on the other hand, i would probably want to put an end to it at this point : ) well as you know today was my first appt and; not once have i left a doc's office feeling better. today was no exception. the doc tried to listen the heartbeat with a hand held monitors and was unable to. at first he thought he heard it right when he put in on but wasn't 100% about that and couldn't find it again. all the confidence and calm i have felt to this point went flying out the window and this feeling is EXACTLY what i did not want to feel this time around. he asked me what i wanted to do, wait a month for next appt or go get an u/s. DER, i chose the u/s. the office is going to call me tomorrow to tell me where to go get one. either another office or the hospital. i hate this i hate this i hate this. i found different information online as to when you can really start hearing with those things. some said as early as 8w, some said 10-12. it also said it depended on the position of the baby & how skinny you are or aren't (in my case). i read a lot about the pre-pregnancy weight of the mother has a lot to do with the effectiveness. i was at least 20 lbs + before gettting pregnant, so i am thinking that had something to do with not finding the HB. i had one lone tear fall while i was laying there. for what seemed like forever. he tried to find it, did the exam and then tried to find it again. it felt like an eternity and it all blurred after the first failed attempt. ugh... all my instincts said to not even go to the doc till 12w but i decided to go and meet the doc, do the pap, etc. i swear i should have just listened to myself. these early appts just make it all worse : (


SaraH - April 4

Jessie, I'm so sorry that you're left worrying. I honestly can't believe your doc. even tried using the Doppler this early on. I did a lot of reading on it when I was first pregnant, and EVERYTHING I read said it doesn't work, and that most doc's wont even try, until between 10-12 w's. Since I got pregnant I’ve also seen a lot of posts on here about Doppler’s and the earliest I’ve seen ppl mention that they were able to hear it was w/ a Doppler they’d rented for home use and they heard it around 8-9 w’s (but that’s after they’ve spent an hour moving it around trying). I also asked my OB about using the Doppler at my 6.5 w appointment and she said that it was impossible to use until 10w's, and that it might not even be able to pick up the hb at my 11 w appointment (it did, but she warned me it might not). I don't know how the mothers weight effects it, but as I said, my OB warned me that she might not be able to hear it at 11w's and I'm pretty thin so... I totally understand how you're feeling though as I'd be freaking out too (as it was I was freaked every time I went to the doc's anyways until I was around 16 weeks and had started feeling the baby move. Until then I was always so freaked that my heartbeat would be way up, but everything was always fine, and I'm sure you're baby is great and will continue to be too). Chances are, that it's just much too early for the Doppler to work, and it honestly kind of frustrates me that you're doc would even try and worry you like this. You'd think doctors would realize that when it's this early and the chances of hearing it are sooo unlikely, that they shouldn’t even try b/c it just causes the mother/parents to worry for no real reason --especially for those of us who've had m/c's. We're already worried enough, the last thing we need is to add to it. -- Anyways, I'm really sorry. Just try to keep in mind that your baby is probably perfect and that it's just to early to hear the heart beat w/ the Doppler (by the way, since I got pregnant and have been on the 1st tri thread, I've seen a handful of other girls who've posted b/c their doc’s/midwives have tried to use the Doppler at 7-8 w’s and heard nothing. Of course they've been worried too, but I think all of them have turned out to be fine and it was just that it was too early). I hope they get you into the u/s really soon though so that you can stop worrying. I'm sure you'll be nervous for it, but once you see/hear the heart beat it will be great (I KNOW it will), and it will be fun for you to get to see your baby on the u/s. So, just try to relax and keep me posted --and again I'm sure your baby is great. HUGS and I’m saying an extra prayer for you and baby tonight


jessieb - April 4

thanks sarah, i am a little upset too. why did they bother with that thing? i am not going to hold it against him. there are only two doctors out here who deliver babies. he is one, i don't have many other options ; ) regardless of the doppler incident, i did like the doc. he was more compa__sionate than ANY doc i have seen in the past. really, he was. he was gentle, calm, a little quirky, sweet and he has been doing this forever (which why did he use the thing so early? anyway......) i read a bunch online last night and it was WAY too early to get conclusive results. i understand that now but sh*t if that ain't going to make me feel better? you know? LOL!! i just NEVER wanted to have this feeling during this pregnancy. never. i didn't want to have to live in fear, even if for a day. this is always the scene: i end up coming out of the exam room, barely remembering anything after the 'trauma', don't recall how i put my clothes back on, my husband is always carrying my purse holding the small of my back, my head is down and i am shuffling, i can barely speak or remember what to say or ask or where to go from here, and i just feel helpless and lost. that scene has been repeated SO many times that we have a pattern of behavior for it and i just didn't want it to happen again. i am going to take a shower then call the office if i have not heard from them. i will just go to the hospital and tell them i had spotting if i have to : )


jessieb - April 4

of course, after needless worry and stress. the baby was hanging out there. beating the heart away. the tech could not tell us anything but hubby and i know enough we saw what we had hoped for. there was nothing else lurking in the uterus either, as was the case last pregnancy. even without anyone telling us anything, we knew. we saw it. phew.... daniel saw when he measured the baby. 24mm. which is right on target for between 8 and 9 weeks.


jessieb - April 4

ahaahahah!! but what is going on tomorrow????? the big day!!!??? enough about me, what is the latest? eeeeeekKKKK!!!!


SaraH - April 8

Jessie, soooooo happy that all looked good. I knew it would. YEAH!!! Just try to relax and I know that this is going to be a great pregnancy for you. As for me, I had my baby. Allee Grace, was born on the 4th at 10:30 pm. She weighed 7lb's 12 oz and is 20.5 inches long. The birth went ok, but I really wanted it to go smoother then it did. I was hoping to do it w/ little or no meds, which did not happen. My water broke at 8:45 am on it's own Wednesday. I wasn't in labor at that pt. but my doc had said to go to the hospital if my water ever broke on its own. My dh had worked all night and I'm a night person as well, so I often stay up and then go to bed w/ him in the morning. I’d also had errands to run Tuesday evening so I had the car (we only have 1 car right now) and needed to pick dh up from work Wednesday morning. So, Tuesday I just stayed up all night, picked dh up at about 6:30 and didn’t got to bed till about 8 am. Then my water broke at 8:45, so we didn't really get any sleep. We went to the hospital, and I tried walking around to help me go into labor. I started having hard contractions that were getting harder, but with my water broken the doc wanted me to be in labor ASAP (to reduce the chance of getting an infection). So, at 1:00pm they started me on Pitocin. Prior to the pitocin my contractions were already really long but weren’t close together, the pitocin made them a lot closer but never regulated them. I was having contractions that lasted 3 minutes (1-2 minutes of that would really hurt) which they said are really long contractions. Plus half of the time the contractions wouldn't even completely relax before I'd start another one. Even w/ all that though, they weren't regular. I'd have 4-5 contractions that were 2.5-3 minutes long (w/ the previous contraction never completely relaxing, before the start of the next one), and then I'd go 7 minutes w/o a contraction. Then the really bad contracts started making me throw up, and my bp went up to ~140/98 which started to concern them. So, they recommended I get an Epi (the epi dilates blood vessels so it will help the bp -not to mention reducing the pain helps the bp too). I really really wanted to go w/o meds but at 4pm I had only dilated to 4 cm (I'd been 3 cm for the last 2 weeks). After having no sleep the night before, having contractions that weren't regulating and that were right on top of each other, and being sick between them, I went ahead and got the Epi. I think if I'd had some sleep or not had the pitocin I would have been able to do it w/o, but I was so exhausted and I really had no energy to finish labor w/. So, I got the epi at 4:30pm. The epi. did allow me to sleep, my bp went down, and I dilated the rest of the way by about 8:30pm. I was told I could push at that point, but I wanted to ‘labor down’ for awhile and allow her to descend more on her own (just to make it easier and to help prevent my cervix from swelling). So at 9:30pm I started to push and ay 10:20-10:30 pm she was born. I also hadn't wanted an episiotomy, but ended up having to have one. They tried stretching me some and mineral oil to help her fit through better, but she had her hand up next to her head and I was going to rip really bad, so they did the cut --even w/ the cut I still tore upward so guess it’s good they did do it. Overall labor went about as opposite as what I’d wanted; I’d wanted no pitocin, no meds -especially and epi,-- no episiotomy and I ended up w/ all of it. Allee, seems to be healthy and great though, so I guess what matters is that we're both doing well. W/ the episiotomy and the tearing I did have a lot of swelling and I’m sore but it could be a lot worse. I'm just glad to finally have my little girl here w/ me. The ped. doc did notice that she has a small curve in the bottom of her spine, so they had the neurologist take a look at her. The neurologist said he was pretty sure it's not a problems, but that I should make an appointment for her to see him just to be safe. So, hopefully there isn't a problem there. She wiggles all of the time and kicks her legs around just fine though…I'm a little worried, but it didn't sound like it’s probably anything to worry about. Well, that is my news. I'm so happy to hear that you're little one had a great heart beat –I knew it would. It's nice that your dh saw the length too and that it is "on target" for where it should be. You said the tech wouldn't tell you anything, why not? Do you have to see the doc to actually get the "results?" When do you see the doc again? I'm so glad everything is well. I can't wait for you to get to enjoy all of the "fun" parts of pregnancy -lol- and all of the "unfun" parts as well. 40w's seems like such a long time to wait to have your baby, and while you're going through it, it does seem slow, but honestly now that I'm done w/ the pregnancy I can hardly believe that it actually was 40w's long. It just doesn't seem like it could be that long ago that I got the bfp. So, hang in there, and you'll have you're baby in your arms soon. Hugs.


jessieb - April 8

oh my goodness sarah!! i am so happy for you!! yipppeeeeeee!! welcome allee grace!!! congratulations to you and your dh. i was thinking that you had the baby and i knew it when i saw the post was high up today. i will take your birth story as a caution, be prepared for things you didn't really want to have to do! i am already willing to take the epidural. labor, what a thrill huh? was it kinda surreal? that your body knows how to do that? after all the sadness, all the time, the baby girl is here. wow! so, she was born the day before her due date? that was really close. i am just so thrilled for you. tell me more about her... does she have hair? or a bald baby? how much is she eating, sleeping? has your milk come in yet? how is that going? i am fascinated to b___stfeed!! i think it will be an awesome experience. oh, i wish i could see her!!! <eeeeee!!!> i am just so happy for you, this made my day. made my week! we are doing good. the u/s tech couldn't tell us anything because he is only a tech. the radiologist had left for the day already, i got the feeling that he can talk to patients about the u/s. my doc will go over it at my next appt, which is may 1. unless there is something that needs to be addressed sooner. i have to take all my expectations of life including medical care and forget them! we live in such a different place now that we must adapt to life here and that means my doc doesn't have a u/s machine in office. it is hard adjusting... but i can do it. i am still feeling yucky, food does not interest me, especially meat. i am tired, take a big nap every afternoon. my b___bs are BIGger already and always tender. just hanging out, waiting for three more weeks to pa__s. i am 9w tomorrow.


SaraH - April 9

Jessie, hopefully the m/s will ease up for you soon. Mine eased up around 14-15w’s, but I continued to have a few days every week all the way through were I’d be nauseas, so hopefully you wont have to deal w/ that. The naps are great. I’m glad you’re able to get them in. The 1st tri was definitely the worst for exhaustion (think that eased up around 15 w’s too), and it’s great that you have a schedule that allows you to get those naps in while you can –you need them. Nine weeks already –can you believe that you only have 4 w’s left and you’ll be done w/ the 1st tri? Well, Allee is great. She has a medium amount of brown hair. We are working on the b___stfeeding. I am sooo sore so I’m hoping that I’ll “toughen up” soon. I’m just trying really hard to make sure that she’s latched on correctly whenever she eats. It’s amazing how difficult it is to know if she’s on well or not. lol. I mean I have no personal experience w/ b___stfeeding, so I’m just trying to go off of what the lactation consultants told me to do to get her on correctly and how they said he lips/jaw should “look” when she’s on correctly but it’s difficult to know –especially since I’m holding her w/ one hand, my b___st w/ the other, and I’m too afraid to let go of either so that I can try to see where her lips are (her lips are always so pressed against me that I can’t actually see them w/o pressing some of my b___st out of the way). I’m afraid if I let go of either her or my b___st that she’ll move and that I’ll lose the latch she has, so I sit there hoping that she has a “good” latch but “unable” to actually see her lips to know if it’s “good.” LOL (if that makes any sense). I just keep asking my dh to “look” to see how she’s latched on. My milk came in late Friday or early Saturday and isn’t “overflowing” yet at this pt, but there is definitely more there then when it was the colostrum. It is making it a bit easier for her to feed b/c it doesn’t take as long for her to get enough and she doesn’t have to suck as much either –which is really good when you’re b___bs are getting raw. Hopefully all that wasn’t TMI. Hope your weekend was good. Hugs


jessieb - April 15

hi sarah!! no way, that was not TMI. no way!! how is it going now? i can just see the scene 'holding her head, holding a b___st & 'honey, come check her lip placement' " LOL!!! oh, geez already you need threee hands! so what has changed with her now that she is ten days old? yipee!! when is her first doc appt? how are you doing? i am doing well. i told my parents yesterday over the phone. they live in Ma__sachusetts. my mom has had a horrible week at work, she is a teacher and there is this kid in her cla__s.... etc. & last weekend my dad's mother was back in the hospital. she had a mild stroke last month. so, it has been a horrid week for them. i was talking to my mom and she was so sad and upset about everything so i called her back and told her i thought i could make her feel better. she started crying and couldn't say anything for a few seconds. then i had to call my dad and tell him. my mom was actually in an airport on her way to see my sister!! i got my mom good, she was in the airport bathroom brushing her teeth when i told her!! LOL!!! i like to get her sometimes. anyway, my father said 'REALLY? and started laughing his joyful grandpa belly laugh. then later i had to call my sister and tell her, since my mom was going to see her. the first thing my sister said 'aren't you scared?' i almost hung up on her. she is SO dense, i can't stand it. that is what she says. not 'i am so happy for you. congratulations. how far along are you. that is great news.... any of those would have been appropriate and she says 'aren't you scared?' she is such an idiot. after my miscarriages she told me 'i can carry a baby for you' after i had ONE miscarriage. i was like 'have a little faith, geez! i can try again' i told her that would NEVER be an option for us and that we would adopt before anything else. i let her know it upset me. so, after my second miscarriage she brought it up again. i hollered at her and made her cry. i just couldn't believe how insensitive she is and now again. LOL, but this is why i did not want to tell my family till i was further along LOL!!! because sometimes they are a**holes. i am 10w tomorrow, so it was close enough. i felt comfortable telling them. it is just so funny the difference between my family and my husbands'. they are so much more supportive than my family!!



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