Scan At 12 Weeks

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snowbaby - May 22

Hi all, i am 28 preg. with 1st baby. This is the begining of my 8th week. I have my next scan scheduled at the begining of 12 weeks. Can some one pls tell me what to expect? Thanks in advance.


LINZ - May 22

Hi, I had my 12wk ultrasound scan 2 wks ago now and it was sooo emotional! I don't think it really hits you until you see your baby on the screen moving around just need to make sure you drink at least 2 pints of water before hand! Hope it goes well! x


Lilu - May 22

I had my first u/s scan at 9 weeks to determine the gast. age (how many weeks u are). Then I opted to get the prenatal screening done at 11 weeks which requires another u/s scan to measure the patch of skin on the baby's next and they take a tube of blood. This is for chromosonial abnormalities. My tests came back all okay! Then I won't have another scan until 20 weeks. An u/s scan is an amazing experience. It's your first real connection with your baby. Since you can't really feel it yet. You'll get to hear the heart beat which you can't hear at the doctor's office until like 12 weeks. SOOO... cherish it and you get your baby's first picture you get to share with the world!!


Lilu - May 22

i meant to type the patch of skin on the baby's neck.


amber508 - May 24

12 weeks... you should be able to find out the s_x of the baby


Lilu - May 24

At 12 weeks you won't be able to tell the s_x of the baby. You can't tell the s_x of the baby until at least 18 weeks. When you go for your level 2 ultrasound at 20 weeks they should be able to tell you the s_x of the baby... that's if your little one isn't shy (haha)! Sometimes they like to keep those legs crossed....


snugglybugglys - May 24

Actually someone posted and said the same day they had their first US at 14 weeks and found out she was prego...also found out the s_x of the baby. Typically is 18 to 20 weeks though.


snowbaby - May 24

ladies- thanks so much for all ya answers... i cant wait till the 20wk scan :-)


olivia - May 24

Hi Snowbaby. Be prepared for a transv____al ultrasound. Not all doctors offices do them, but I was shocked with my first u/s when they pulled out the 'wand'. They inserted it in my v____a and got a really clear view of the embryo and everything else they needed. I went in expecting them to rub a little gel on my belly so it was quite a surprise. My 20 week they did do a regular ultrasound on my belly. Either way, you get to see you little baby. The early u/s they will check your ovaries, measure the embryo, and check the yolk sac, and show you the tiny beating heart. They will give you a due date too and some pictures. Congratulations!


sonyab - May 24

i also have my first appointment with my doctor on monday and i will be 11weeks and 3days, i'm hoping he does an ultrasound, were are so very excited as well cant wait. this is our first baby 2.


pattford - May 25

we heard the heartbeat last week at 7 weeks. it's amazing!! we go back in 12 days for the week 10 u/s. i'm still nervous.



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