Scared Need Some Eeassurance

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janee04 - November 7

This is my third pregnancy this year. My first was a chemical pregnancy ending at 4weeks 5days. My second was going great. Betas were high first ultrasound at 6weeks5days heartbeat of 110, a bit low so he wanted me back in two weeks to check it out. On my 8week 6day u/s he was unable to find a heart beat. We did another follow up and no changes. I had a d&c 06/13/08. My husband and I decided to wait to try again until Jan 09...well things don't always work as planned!! I found out I was pregnant 10/19 and had my first appt yesterday. My dr said everything looked fine. The heart rate was 104. I asked if this was low and he said yes, but it's early and I'm not too concered, we will do a follow up in one week and it should be higher then. WIth my history of the last pregancy I am very scared! I think it's low, but I am only measuring 6weeks 3days, My resting heart rate is only 65...could that effect it? I don't know I need reassurance that everything will be ok, which I know nobody can give and I will just have to wait for. To add to my day, I have just been diagnosed with a bicornuate or "heart-shaped" uterus! I just don't know if it's in the starts for me! Any advise???


jessica72 - November 7

Janee, I know it's hard not to stress, esp after a m/c. Been there! With this pregnancy, I was bleeding around week 6 so they sent me to get an u/s and the babe was ok, but its heart rate was 115 which my doc said was on the lower end of normal. they like to see it at 120. So I was worried as well. A week later at 7 weeks, the baby's heartrate climbed to 154! So I think 6 weeks is still pretty early. A week can make a huge difference! Best of luck. I know how long a week can be!


babyblue2 - November 17

Try not to worry... it cant be good for your baby. My girlfriend has a heart shaped uterus and has 3 healthy children. The only issues she had was some spotting and she had pre-term labour. But because of your condition, doctors generally anticipate you will go early and prepare you with steroid shots to help baby's lungs develop quicker. Just try and relax... I know how hard that is... I just got my BFP this morning after having a m/c in Sept. I will be resting easier once the first trimester is over. Good luck and keep us posted!



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