Scared Should I Change Doctors Please Help

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Rhonda - April 27

I was not planning on getting pregnant. but excited that I am. However I am heavily overweight, and had planned to lose weight before I were to get pregnant. Huge medical problems with mom and sister, Although last year when I was having problems they ran many test on me and I was very healthy, esp. for my weight, they were very impressed. However I have been to my Dr. twice. Last time he asked me if we had meet before, and they have weighed me only once. blood pressure once. no blood work done and a papsmere. I know I am a high risk, and I am doing everything I can to do this right, quit smoking, quit soda. My 2 biggest addictions. Trying to eat healthy. I think I am in my 9th week, but I could be further along. During last vist my dr. said with my size, he couldn't tell how far along I am. and he wanted to "set up an ultrasound to see if the baby is still breathing. " I mean if the babies heart is still beating" What that wasn't better. I hate his bedside manners, however, I can't get off work, I have no one to help financialy and have the time to find a different one, nor do I have any idea were to go instead. I am scared something will go wrong and my dr. is prejuduce. Ultrasound tomorrow, still no blood work. my books say he should be asking me all kinds of things. What do I say to him tomorrow, without coming across with threats? please help


j - April 27

Wow, thats a tough one. If you are not comfortable with your doctor than it could be a stressful pregnancy. Are there other doctors at that office you could request? Maybe even a female? Or if you can't get a new doc, I would bring my preg. book with me and just bring up some stuff from the book like blood tests and other important questions. I hope things work out for you. Keep us posted!!!


lilmum - April 27

i agree with j, ask for the bloodtests and anything else you are worried about. If they don't do them, or you still don't feel comfortable, find yourself a new doctor. Where are you from?? I'm not sure how things work in the US but here in Canada, you can ask for a list of ob/gyn's that are accepting patients and find one you feel better with. As far as your weight goes, eat healthy and definately limit junk foods, but by no means should you limit yourself good foods because of your weight. Take some time each day to walk for an hour if you can handle it, or possibly take an aquasize cla__s at your local ymca if you can afford to. Your concerns are definately valid and should be treated that way, and if you are as overweight as you say you are, blood tests are definately in order to be sure you don't develope high-blood pressure or gestational diabetes. There is no reason you should get these things, but you deserve the best care you can get for you and your little one and i wouldn't settle for anything less. Good luck on your ultrasound and keep us updated. Good luck.


jena - April 27

i am adamant about loving your doctor - mine is excellent and I wouldn't trade her for anyone. I don't think you should stick with your guy. Your employer should have a list of doctors that are covered by your insurance - I'd go by that list and start making calls.... good luck - you deserve a good doctor!!!


C - April 27

Get a new doctor...I am a bit overweight with this pregnancy too and I have changed my doctor...I now have a female dr. The one I had was never really understanding either when I expressed my concerns about my weight.


M - April 28

I had my first app. yesterday. The doc did a head to toe exam including a papsmear and an ultrasound. I'm overweight and he said it wasn't a problem unless one of the blood tests came up positive for something. Took eight vials (or whatever they are) of blood. The ultrasound, my baby's heart was beating strong and fast. Doc said everything looked wonderful. And he'd see me in four weeks. :) Good luck to you and Congratulations!!


Jessy - May 2

Hey just tell him you're doing your best...if you've actually quit smoking AND sodapop JUST for your baby's health...I'd say that's a very BIG step and you should be congratulated for that much self control...hey if you're willing to change the way you eat, too...tell him you're open to all his suggestions...he's probably just had very bad experiences w/overweight women completely unwilling to change their lives for their baby..I'm sure he's just concerned for the life of your child, if you politely explain all that, I'm sure he might be more understanding...if not, he's definitely prejudice and you need a new doctor!



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