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Whisper - January 30

I am 6 weeks pregnant. I haven't had my first appointment yet, its not for another 2 weeks. This is my first pregnancy and I'm not at any known high risk. This morning I woke up and went to the bathroom, and noticed brown spotting, but only when I wipe. It stopped for a while (I have to pee every half hour so its easy to monitor) but tonight its just started back up again. I'm really really scared about it, but everything I read says not to worry about it unless it continues for 3 days or more or if its red or painful, none of which are true, but I'm just so worried about it. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Please help!


molliejoy - January 30

Hey Whisper. I am having the same thing, but it's only after s_x. As long as it's not red in color or painful cramping, then it's not dangerous. Mine was sort of brown and my dr. said that's good, b/c that's old blood. I would say, just take it easy and don't stress. When is your first apt? When are you due? I am 6 weeks 6 days. We should be due around the same time(9-14). Good Luck.


Megan P - January 31

I haven't had any spotting for a while and now I am cramping a bit and noticed brown stuff when I wiped. I am 8 1/2 weeks. I'm just going to a__sume everything is okay. It's brown.


Whisper - January 31

I was trying to think of anything that I've done that might of caused this spotting... and I was wondering if it is possible for non-penetrative (c___toral stim) orgasm to cause brown spotting a day or two later? Does orgasm cause anything to bleed a bit? And if so, should orgasms be avoided in the future? Sorry if this is TMI!


kristie h - January 31

Hi I have had two losses and i WILL NOT have s_x untill i am past 14 weeks. Orgasms make you utarous contract so i would avoid orgasims and since you are spotting i would avoid s_x all together untill you get it checked out. I wish you the best of luck ((Hugz))


kristie h - January 31

Ps: Rest when ever possible put your feet and dont worry about the house work for a while, everything may be fine but its better to be safe then sorry.


slackette - January 31

Hi Whisper, I had non-penatrative s_x (just orgasms) at six weeks and eight weeks. Both times I spotted brown. I freaked out so much from both times that I demanded an u/s from my Dr. The baby was fine and the Dr. said it was normal. After the second time I just decided that fooling around with DH was just not worth it until I was closer or into the second tri. Finally after a month of waiting DH and I fooled around again (at 12 weeks), and everything was fine. no spotting at all! I would say to wait a few more weeks until you are comfortable having s_x again, just for your own peace of mind. Good luck!


ginger6363 - January 31

I had a little brown spotting (usually just on the tissue) after a BM and once a couple of days after an orgasm. When I saw my doctor last week, he suspected that it was late implantation bleeding and said some women can have this all throughout their 1st trimester. He said it was normal and there was nothing to worry about, unless the blood was red, heavy, and accompanied by cramping. I am 8 wks now and haven't had any spotting yet (fingers crossed). Whishper, you are probably fine, but it wouldn't hurt to put in a call to the doctor or nurse just to be sure.


imamommy - January 31

Hey. I am 9 weeks pregnant. I started spotting brown at about 5 weeks. I started bleeding ALOT of bright red blood at 7 weeks. I went to the doctor and everything was fine. The bleeding stopped. At 8 weeks, the bright red bleeding started again. I went back to the doctor and the baby looked fine. I am still spotting alittle, but it is brown. I hope it is beginning to stop. The doctor did put me on bedrest for about 5 days. It seemed to help. If you get real concerned, call the doctor. Better safe than sorry. I hope everything goes ok for you.


imamommy - January 31

Oh yeah...the doctor told me not to have s_x for a while. He said that it probally wouldn't hurt anything, but if something did happen I would never forgive myself or my husband.


Whisper - February 1

Thanks for all the replies! It helped put my mind at ease, and the spotting stopped after that night. I will just hold off on any sort of s_x until my appointment so I can talk to my doc about it. Thanks again!



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