Scared And Happy

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Kyla - April 20

h__lo. i'm 19 and 4 weeks preg. with a pos. blood test done by the doc. my bf is not happy, he is very negative about the whole situation and thinks it's the end of the world. i have already had a baby when i was 16, but i gave her up for adoption and i still talk to her every other day lol (good relationship with parents) but my bf is not being very supportive and i'm concerned for him. he would like to see me have an abortion, but i dont belive in having an abortion cause you dont want kids. if it was a medical issue then i would, but i'm healthy and so is baby. my mother keeps telling me the same thing as well. i'm not sure what to do!? my friends, other family and bosses are very supportive. can some one give me any advice on what to do with my bf and mom?


Lynn - April 20

Tell them to F*** off, it's not their decision to make. And it's not their decision to live with. When all is said & done, you're the one that has to live with the decision you make. Just be prepared (which I'm sure you are) that your boyfriend may not be active in this baby's life.... You could be doing it alone.


nhb - April 20

I"m with Lynn--don't let ANYONE decide for you; you're the one who'll have to sleep at night with your decision, you decide what you want to do; if BF can make a baby, he should see it through!


Kathy - April 21

I had my son when I was 19 also and everyone told me not to have him.. I agree with Lynn tell them to F*** off that is what I did..If you have people that support you then talk with them. When I told my mom she said to have an abotion and was very negative.. It hurt so bad not to have her support and it effects our relationship to this day.. But I had my dad he was aweson and so supportive and it made our relationship better. Tune out the neg focus on the positive and do what is best for you. Not what other people think.. best wishes!!


Kyla - April 21

thank you for the wise words. i will tell them where to go and hopefully they change. i am so very excited about having another baby and keeping this one.


Dani - April 21

NO WAY!!! I wouldn't do it, unless you feel that you can't love, support and take care of the baby. I've had two and regret it. I think about it all the time. Abortions are very scaring to a women. Good luck



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