Scared Because Of Low Body Temperature At 8 Wks

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Seal - April 29

I am theoretically at 8 weeks. I was tracking my temps when we were TTC and when AF was due, my temp was up around 98.3-98.9 for that whole week. I did a hpt at 4 days late and it was -ve. My temp stayed up and so at 8 days late i did another hpt and this time it was +ve. We were really happy. THEN...I kept taking my temp and two days after the +ve test, my temp went back DOWN - it was at 97.6-97.9. So, obviously i expected to m/c and i cried for a whole day straight on the phone with my mum, and for a week I just wait for the m/c to happen. Well, nothing happened. I started getting really sore bbs, nausea, tiredness, etc. So, I thought...okay, maybe everything is okay. 3 weeks have gone by since then. Then this morning, I took my temp just for the h__l of it (why?!) and it is still low - 97.6. So, now I am really freaking myself out all over again and convincing myself that I have a missed miscarriage inside me. I looked for an hour on the web googling this subject and can't find any info about low temps during the 1st trimester. So what i'm wondering any of you have low body temps too? Is this potentially something that is in the range of normal? or should i book an appt with the doc for monday? (I'm really trying hard not to have an anxiety attack here)


AshleyB - April 29

My temp is normal. 98.6 during the day. I don't do the bbt thing. But I did take my temp when I woke up a few days ago because I was sick with a cold and it was real low 97 something. I wouldn't worry about your temps honey. As long as you are feeling symptoms like the sore bbs and everything you are most likely fine. When is your first doc appt.? Tell them and maybe you can get an u/s to ease your mind. All the stressing can't really be good for you so try to relax. Good luck. And again, you're already pg, so put away the thermometer for 9 months, or more. :)


Seal - April 29

Hi Ashley - thx for responding - you saying that you had a temp in the low 97s makes me feel better!!! I should have said in my first email that i saw the doc at 6 wks. I was having really mild AF-type cramps then, which have since gone away. I didn't mention the temp thing to him because i was so nervous and I felt really rushed. I see him again next monday for 9 wks appt. If nothing happens between now and then, i think i will ask for an early u/s just to put my mind at ease. i can't shake the idea that there is just an empty space in there going through the motions of pg, and no actual living baby (all this stuff i've been reading about blighted ovum, missed miscarriage, and the continuation of normal pg symptoms even if you aren't actually pg is all enough to make me go a little bit squirrelly!!) And now this morning I feel like my bbs are less sore than yesterday.


AshleyB - April 29

This site can be pretty scary sometimes. Everything is probably fine. Remember, all these bad stories, they're the minority. 2in5 pregnancies end in m/c. So the majority is definatly on your side!! Just try to relax, one you see that little baby and the little hb you'll be able to chill out and it'll really hit you... you're having a baby! Good luck. I"m 7wks, and had an u/s last wednesday and saw the hb which made me feel so much better. I have had one m/c so I was very paranoid, and still am, but still there's nothing I can do so I might as well relax and try to enjoy pregnancy. :)


amymrgrt - May 7

Hey....I also have a low temperature and am quite scared myself. I have had one confirmed miscarriage, and one unconfirmed miscarriage last year. The first was exactly a year ago, both pregnancies were unplanned, like this one, but I am told that having a positive att_tude makes all of the difference, so I am avoiding negative att_tudes towards anything, along with stress. Not to mention that I also have allergies {it's allergy season} and I have a cold, so naturally, my low temp worries me too. I don't think that they're really all that bad, especially since MY temps are around 95.5 right now. Don't worry toomuch, just make sure that you go to your doc apps, and make sure that everything's ok down there. If you're extremely worried, ask your doc. Otherwise, don't sweat the small stuff....


Cerulean - May 7

Seal, I saw your question and decided to do a little research because I have never even thought of this before. I stopped temping/charting after I got my positive HPT. I found two sites that say that lower BBT can be a sign of miscarriage but it is not unusual to have your temps drop for a day or two. I think it has to be a sustained low. Here is one of the sites I found some info on. h t t p : / / parent ing . i village .c o m /ttc/ttc signs/0,,h4lp-p,00. html -----Take out all spaces I put in there. I hope it works. You may try giving your doc a call. I hope this doesn't worry you more. I am just the type of person who wants all the info I can find - good or bad. I found these articles by googling Low BBT sign of miscarriage. I hope that everything works out for you! Please keep us updated. Good luck!


stefkay - May 7

Hi Seal, my dr. told me to NOT temp after I got my positive test because it would just cause undue stress on myself and the baby because temps will normally fluctuate in early pregnancy! Don't worry at all...I read somewhere but I can't remember where now, but they only stay really elevated in the first few weeks anyways. It sounds like everything is on track symptoms wise,etc. You don't need stress on yourself. Good luck!!!


flakeygirl - September 1

Is anyone familiar with the possibility of a normally low body temperature interferring with the ability to get pregnant? I have a very low (normally, my whole life) body temp and am wondering if that is why I can't get pregnant....?



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