School Pregnant A DISASTER

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YorkieLover - March 27

I'm a junior in college and 9w1d today. I am having such a hard time with my classes. It was hard enough to stay awake in class before, but now with me being tired 24/7, it's impossible. Also, classroom chairs KILL my back. And when it comes to studying, I can barely stay up to finish one chapter. Wearing jeans to class is a pain because I have to unbutton them to be able to sit comfortably. I wish I could go in sweats. I did not think it was going to be this much different. I have also missed a few morning classes because when I do wake up, I feel so sick to my stomach that I feel like I'm gonna throw up if I start walking or moving at all. Has anybody been pregnant while in school?? How did you ladies deal with this?? I'm considering telling my professors why exactly I'm feeling so "blah" during discussion, but I'm not sure if that'd be the best thing to do...


Katy - March 27

What is your major? Some majors seem to be a little more sympathetic than others. I am early childhood education and while it has been hard they have been supportive (sometimes). Why not wear sweats? I am student teaching so I completely understand the exhaustion. I only get sick in the evenings so that has worked in my favor. Are you going to continue school when the baby comes.


YorkieLover - March 28

I'm a biology major. Pre-pharmacy so junior year is kicking my a__s like no other. Well, my baby is due Oct. 29th or 30th, so I can't start my fall semester, but I will do summer school. I will go back to school in the spring of next year, however.


Mandy1984 - March 28

hi, I 1st fell pregnant at 16 when I was in 5th Year (UK), Over here N.Ireland, it is compulsory for all pupils to wear a uniform so being pregnant wasn't the easiest thing to hide, I promise it does get easier, I went to a grammar school which was strict but the teaching staff were really helpful, For the 1st 12 weeks I didn't have to go in until 10am, Once I hit 13 weeks I felt fine....There is nothing you can do for the next couple of weeks but it will get easier!!!! once the sickness and tiredness subsides you'll feel as good as new :) I'm now 22 and pregnant with no.3 (so it didn't put me off too much ) Good Luck :)


SuzieQ - March 28

I can totally relate! I'm in 3rd year university and this semester was hell! I'm 13w2d now, but all through feb and march I was like a zombie. I swear I would go to cla__s, come home for lunch, sleep, go back to cla__s, come home, sleep, have dinner, sleep.... it was hard. Only one of my profs knows, and only because I'm exposed to chemicals for that cla__s and I needed to find out more about the chemicals.


YorkieLover - March 28

Today was the most horrible day. I had a really hard test that I stayed up till 6:30 am to study for. Then I had cla__s from 10:30-4 with no breaks, and when I snuck some food into my cla__sroom, my professor said "Oh, maybe we shouldn't be eating those fries. You look a bit thicker from last semester." UGH! I gained 4 lbs and I about 119 lbs now. I didn't think it was that serious. I am very exhausted and crabby, but I have a 10 page paper due tomorrow. Oh, the joys of being in school. Oh, and my lovely boyfriend tells me, "Maybe you're just tired because you keep telling yourself that you are." Yea, that is totally it, honey.


Katy - March 28

slapping people just because they are stupid? Sorry those are my hormones talking. I can't believe you could stay up that long, you must have quite some drive. And just because I am curious what college do you attend? I think some universities consider pregnant women in the "disability category" only saying that missing cla__s or eating in cla__s might not be so forbidden. Not to play the poor us card we are preg but truly some things are a lot harder when preg!


Katy - March 28

opps that first part was supposed to say do you ever feel like slapping people just because they are stupid.


YorkieLover - March 29

I go to George Mason University. GO PATRIOTS, WE MADE IT ALL THE WAY TO FINAL 4! WHOO! haha sorry bout that. I honestly would have NO PROBLEM playing that card. Some professors are a-holes and I need a break, haha.



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