Second Pregnancy And Soooooo Tired This Time

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drea - February 14

Anyone expecting #2 and feeling much more tired than last time? I'm totally exhausted.


Patience2008 - February 14

I know I am with my second one. I worked full time when I was pregnant with my first so I dont know if I am more tired this time or if I just blocked out all the tiredness last time. I cant keep up with housework....wish DH would help!!


alirenee86 - February 14

100% yes. And more nauseous with this one as I wasn't tired or sick whatsoever with my first. That was a boy and I'm wondering if I feel like this cause it's a girl, or because it's my second??


drea - February 14

I hear you on the housework thing Patience, just got into a fight with DH about that last night. alirenee, I had a VERY easy pregnancy last time also (btw I had a Girl). This time I just feel so run down, more nauseous, bloated. It could be b/c I'm chasing around after a 16 month old, when last time I was able to sit on my b___t for 9 months. Anyway, hope we all have an easy ride the rest of the way. take care.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 14

I am extremely exhausted, I worked full time when pregnant with my daughter. I a now a stay at home mom and all I want to do is sleep


lizie2 - February 14

hey ladies i hate to jump right in but i have a question for you guys! Last mnth i was suppose to get my af around the 15 and 20 but instead i woke up in the morning and peed and when i wiped there was this tiny spot mucusy blood on the paper but i mean tiny, so i wiped again and it turned extremely light! well i thought af was coming for sure! When i got up to use the rr again i wiped and to my surprise there was nothing..ok and there has been nothing since then. could that have been implantation? well i took a test today at 3 and it came out negative but i just have this odd suspicion that i am.. CAN NE1 OF YOU LADIES TELL ME if this is a sign: Yesterday we were out eating and when i got out of the chair and stood up like my lower abdomen felt as if my ligaments were going to tear! YIKES.. but after 10 sec. it went away!! im hoping this is my secind pregnancy! I have also had symptoms..


carmendanielle - February 14

Yes! Exhausted. I am working full time now, and so I usually am up by 6:30. Typically this isn't a big deal for me, but right now, i'd seriously give my right arm to stay in bed for even another 15 minutes! :-)


lizie2 - February 14

caremn may you help me out with my question? PLEASE or ne of you ladies!!


lizie2 - February 14




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