Seen Heartbeat At 7 Weeks

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sam76 - December 22

I had my first scan yesterday after trying for 1.5 years following a blighted ovum in feb 06 should have been 10 wks sack only measured 5 wks, yesterday seen the heartbeat and baby, cried my eyes out thought i would never see that, has anybody out there had a blighted ovum and gone on to have a normal pregnancy, just im really worrying that when i go back in 2 weeks to have another scan that the baby's heartbeat would have stopped what the chances of having a normal pregnancy, some postive stories would be great and would ease my mindx


nola-gal - December 22

Congrats on the pregnancy. I am a little over ten weeks now ans saw the heartbeat at 7.5 weeks. you're right, it is amazing! I have never had a m/c and so far everything's going normally, so i really don't have any experience like you've had, but i can tell you that my doctor told me and i have read on lots of other places thatone you see the heartbeat and it's a good rate and your hormones are good, your chancesof m/c go down dramatically...from like 25% before you see the heartbeat to about 5% once you do. i thin the best thingyou can do right now is relax, pray, and get lots of rest. good luck!


softbreeze200 - December 23

Sam - Nola is right. Just try to relax and enjoy your little growing bean! I too saw the hb at 7 weeks (just recently) after a loss in Sept and it was truly amazing!! They do say that once you see the hb, the risks go way down. Just take deap breaths and relax - all willbe fine. Stay positive! Best of luck.


Expecting#2 - December 23

Hi Sam76 I also had a blighted ovum in Jan 06 and fell pregnant 3 weeks after my d/c. I now have a very healthy little boy. Just try to relax and stay positive. Stress isn't good for you or the baby. Best of luck with your pregnancy.


bOsSy415 - December 26

hey sam76 i too had a blighted ovum at the begining of this year. and am now almost 11 weeks. saw the baby and the heartbeat at 6.5 weeks. its so sureal.just think positive. you will be fine tho. i worry about the same thing too, "what if the baby's heart stops" but i just put that aside and enjoy my pregnancy. good luck


sam76 - January 9

Hi Girls thanks for your replys, Hope u all had a good christmas, thought i let you know that i went for my second scan yesterday should have been 9 wks and 4 days, turns out that im 10 wks and 1 day, baby great kicking waving just 2 weeks to go till im out of the danger zone.x


stefkay - January 9

Congrats, sam! Sounds like you are right on track then....your chance of loss drops dramatically after the first heartbeat (if everything is measuring to date) and then even more with subsequent good ultrasounds! Sounds like baby is growing like a weed :)



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