Separation Of Lining Low Hcg Should I Stay Positive

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kristenk0329 - February 6

I am 9w2d today and really have no symptoms of pregnancy for the last few days. I went to the ER last Monday because I saw some brown spotting and cramping. They did an u/s and I saw the heartbeat. The baby measured correctly as 8w2d and had normal cardiac activity. The hcg levels came back as 8,600. This past Friday they sent me back for bloodwork again. Today they told me the levels dropped a tiny bit but I am still in normal range. I hav ebeen freaking out all week over the thought of miscarriage. The u/s last week showed slight separation of the placenta and 'chronia' (im sure im spelling and pronouncing it wrong) and that is what caused the spotting earlier in the week. Today my doctor told me separation is a common thing he sees and most women go on to have healthy fullterm pregnancies. He added that it is really too early to tell if this will be a problem in the longrun or if it was really nothing. The slight decrease in hcg levels seemed to not be a concern to him. He said once women hit 8 weeks and a healthy heartbeat has been heard, they really dont pay attention to your hcg levels anymore. Now, this differs from everything Ive read. Now Im at a loss, I dont know if i should sit back and relax or continue to worry. He said as of right now i have a normal, viable pregnancy and not to worry. But everything he said differs from everything Ive read online. UGGHHHH Anyone else have similar situations? Ive never heard of this type of separation before. Oh, he also noted that its normal I no longer have symptoms, that most women stop around 8-10 weeks. This should be considered the 'honeymoon period' for a few months before symptoms kick in again


skn331 - February 6

I had some spotting from 5 to 7 weeks and I am now 15 weeks and everything is fine. They never told me why I spotted. Because of the early spotting though, they were checking HCG levels and my doc told me that they only check them up until 8 weeks because after that they start to level off and then decline. I worried alot also, I was SURE I was going to miscarry, so sure I bought a pack of cigarettes. (I have since thrown them out) But... I didn't miscarry. I hope this rea__sures you some and I hope everything turns out ok for you and your baby.


kristenk0329 - February 7

Thanks! Its nice to hear someone else went through something similar. I had never heard about the declining hcg levels until I saw my doctor. Thank God!



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