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rosenow - February 4

Hi girls. just got back from the doctors. Everything is sorta good so far. The bowel issue just means that I most likely will have to have a c-section which is kinda freaky but oh well. as long as baby is healthy.


Iamamiracleangel - February 4

Fismama-yay I have a due date buddy! I'll probably go early also, I had my son at 38 wks. I found out on Dec 19th, when did you find out about your LO. Rose-You're very right, as long as the baby is healthy! Glad to hear that all is well.


Kyra82 - February 5

Hi everyone found out im pregnant for the first time on the 15th i am very excited as ive been wanting a baby for a very long time im approx. 9 weeks pregnant and just had my first ultrasound the day before yesterday and could really use some perspective from people going through this at the same time as i am.


rosenow - February 5

Hello Kyra, congrats and welcome! You must be due around Sept 8th? That is my due date and I am 9.5 weeks preggers! Must be nice so have found out a little later along. I worried way too much in my early weeks lol


Kyra82 - February 5

Hi thank you still waiting for results on the ultrasound to know for sure all ive been told is early september so far. In most ways im glad i didnt find out any sooner because i dont think i could have waited any longer than did for the ultrasound than i already had to and would have run out of pregnancy tests ( i took two just to make sure i was still prego)i found out by going to the doctor for what i thought was a stomach bug:)


fismama - February 5

Iamamircale-I delivered my daughter at 38 weeks also...Weird! We found out on Christmas eve and we thought that I was four weeks but I was really like 3 or something stupid like that...and that sucked but I really wanted a sept or aug baby and I did really care but know it's so close that i could really have either. How old is your son?


fismama - February 5

hey ladies I am very excited I am 10 weeks today so to me that means I really only have a couple more weeks of not liking food and wanting to barf...I am having a hard time eating food which is really weird for me because I LOVE FOOD don't get me wrong I don't weigh extremely over weight but my sis and I always say we need and AA group for food!!lol but right know food makes me ill to think about it it sounds good but then to make it and look at it...EH I am not sure what to do anyone have any ideas for me that would be great? I DO NOT eat fast food and all I want is a big mac and there isn't a McDonald for about 20mins...


kearly - February 5

fismama, sorry you feel so yucky. i have no suggestions. seeing as though i wanted to eat everything in sight all day long for my 3 weeks of nausea. thankfully i feel back to normal now and can eat healthy somewhat normal portions again. i literally felt like a bottomless pit. i'm usually very healthy and diligent, and that all went out the window a couple of weeks ago.... my girlfriend said she did fast food for the first 3 months b/c it was the only thing that was appealing and would stay down. crazy how our bodies are soooo different. rosenow, what happened with the bowel issue ? i might have missed that..sorry. amanda, that's great we're delivering so close. i haven't looked into the birth center.... have a great weekend everyone !


rosenow - February 5

kearly: actually I heard from my obgyn who was talking to the other doctor. They decided that the fissures were not significant enough to merit a c-section and the if I pound bacdk the metamucil I should be able to keep my system running on my own. Does anyone find that even though they are eating more, they are not bm'ing more? (bowel movement)


rosenow - February 6

hey girls. just a quick question. Anyone else feeling lower back pain. I have never had this before and it goes from my lower back to about halfway down my b___t. It's VERY uncomfortable.


kearly - February 8

rosenow, i have been having that as well. it finally went away and then thursday morning i lifted my daughter into my tiny car and it went out again. i have a honda fit and have no clue how 2 kids will fit in there ! i def. didn't have this with my daughter but i'm with a heating pad all the time and it just won't go away.... i did do some pregnancy yoga yesterday which seemed to help. anyone exercising regularyly ? i used to run and my ob/gyn said i could get to 140 bpm so i tried running very slow with my daughter and dog in tow and i got back at 150 bpm so i feel like that's out the window now. anyone else running ?


rosenow - February 8

Hey Kearly, I used to run, play hockey, boot camp, basketball and volleyball. ALL OUT! I have been swiming laps and I find that stays within the limits. My obgyn said that my bb's should not bounce, if they do that means baby is bouncing. So I stick to cycling (indoors as it is winter) and swimming. I am trying to find a yoga cla__s but I live in the great white north boonies! I think I will get a dvd. Anyone recomend one? The WII fit yoga is fun but just takes so loooong to do anything. I have an eliptical that I use but it gets my heart rate up too high and too fast. I use the treadmill sometimes on an incline. It's hard because you can't get your heart up, you can't sweat, you can't bounce. Might as well just sleep lol. I have a Honda Accord and it's looking pretty comfy for 2 but we want three so we are considering something bigger for the future. We'll see.


fismama - February 9

OK so I just feel the need to vent to other pregos about this I dont no why but maybe you'll see my frustration.... Does anyone have a Facebook?.... HAve you seen the new (stupid) facebook....gggrrr...It angers me so bad...gggggrrr!!!!! And I just had the best Taco bell EVERY!!!! Thanks!


daniibabii2010 - February 9

hey guys. my naseua is finally settling down. now im only throwing up about once a day instead of everytime i eat. lol. had my first dr. apt. yesterday. i really like my gyno. she seems great. and i got my ultra sound. im 8 weeks & 5 days. the baby is healthy and the heart rate is 175. so i heard that heart rate over 140 its a girl. any truth behind that? i think ill die before i find out if its a boy or girl! :)


rosenow - February 9

hey girls. I had my ultra sound... I breathed a sigh of relief! It took the obgyn a long time to find the heartbeat. Worst 3 minutes of my life. He even said he would have to send us for a different type of ultrasound. I prayed the most sincere prayer I have ever prayed and there it was. A strong little heart beat and the baby even waved at us to show us he/she was ok :o)


kearly - February 10

rosenow and daniibabii, great news you saw the babies ! i'm missing those ultrasounds. i was spoiled in the beginning and now have to wait 10 weeks for another. i'm thinking they'll try to hear the heartbeat next time but that's about it. fismama, loved your rant ! i have facebook and get annoyed having to relearn it all the time. we are buried in snow so no work today except i'm "billable" so i have to work now to make up the time. i'm useless trying to work at home with a 3 year old. right now she's watching land before time so i can get something done... rosenow, i have been swimming too. not as frequent as i like b/c our schedules are a nightmare and i can never get there, but it is nice. i also have my bike on a trainer in our bas____nt, but nothing beats the feeling of a great run. i miss feeling like i had an actual workout. oh well.... well, hope everyone is feeling well. anyone officially in maternity clothes yet ? i'm holding steady in my post-natal clothes and hoping to get another 2-3 weeks out of them before i make the leap.......



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