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tanyajean82 - February 17

Hello girls, how is every one doing during this wonderful adventure. I am 12 weeks 2 days and the last few days it feels like someone is stepping on my pelvis. Anyone having these symptoms out there? I am actually due Aug 31, I was orginally due on the 5th of September. I am definately getting more snug in my close, I said goodbye to my size 8 jeans and hello to my sweat pants 3 weeks ago. No weight gain surprisingly. Well just wondering if anybody has had these symptoms, i am reading it is my uterus stretching...sound familiar to anyone? Later girls


kearly - February 17

hi girls ! haven't posted in a while...busy at work lately. i feel put to shame to say that i think right now i've gained 5 lbs so far. i can't believe you girls haven't gained any yet ! which is wonderful though. i'm typically hyper diligent with running and healthy eating and lately i can't run and the eating plan has taken a serious side track. so i know why i guess.... oh well ! i just ordered some maternity clothes from old navy today. t hey were have a nice 40% sale on most maternity. but i'm not in them yet. i'm in my post-natal clothes now, but think in the next 2 weeks they will no longer do either. nothing else to report really at all. no signs or symptomes other than feeling wonderful. i almost forget i'm pregnant all too often !


Iamamiracleangel - February 17

Kearly-How far along are you? I didn't gain any weight until this last week, I'm 11w6d. I gained a lb. Which isn't TOO bad, but I'm a bigger girl to begin with so I'm not supposed to be gaining as much weight as normal, blah. The doc said that my weight is climbing perfectly, though. So until he says something, I won't worry about it! YAY for Old Navy maternity clothes! I didn't know they were having a sale right now, I'll definitely have to check it out.


rosenow - February 17

Hi girls! Hope everyone is doing well. I got to hear the babies heartbeat today!! It was wonderful! 172 bpm! Baby is growing and was moving around lots while we were having the ultrasound. It was just wonderful! I am feeling a bit better still having a hard time with nausea but I am able to keep down solids. Dr. told me to eat lots of high calorie foods but really they just make me feel worse. I weighed in today and lost more weight but that is because I have been so sick. It will come back and tons more on top of that. I think it might be because I am losing my muscle. I used to play hockey 3 times a week and run and do bootcamp and p90x and all sorts of fun things. Now I walk, on a treadmill... whoohoo


rosenow - February 19

Where is everyone? How is everyone feeling?? Any ultrasounds? I have another ultrasound Monday because they could not do the test that they needed to do last week. Can't wait to see the little bean. 3 more days and I will be 12 weeks! Time flies!


Mandersmm - February 19

Hello ladies. I hope everyone is doing well. Things are going pretty good for me. I was actually able to eat a real dinner last night which I haven't been able to do for weeks :) rosenow: I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago because I was measuring big for my dates. I probably won't have another one until the one at 20 weeks. It's funny because you just reminded me that I will be 12 weeks in 2 more days. Time definitely does fly.


rosenow - February 20

Manders: Wow that is great! You must have flipped when you got to see your little one. Did you get to see details or just the little blob that is baby :o) My first ultrasound I could see nothing but then I had a higher definition one and it was amaizing!!!


Mandersmm - February 20

rosenow: It was exciting. I honestly didn't think that I would have an ultrasound this early because they midwives that I go to don't really like to send you for one unless something is wrong. All we could really see was a blob and a little heart beating, but we did get to see the little arms and legs moving around.


Monique28 - February 21

Hi! I am currently 12wks and 4. My due date is 9/8/2010 as well!! Hope to chat on our journey to motherhood!!


ancdre2 - February 21

So i finally had my ultrasound to determine my due date. We werent even remotely close lol. They changed it to Oct 11th. Which makes me exactly 7 weeks. We did get to see the baby however, and the heart flicker. That was the most amazing thing, you forget after your first how awesome it is to go thorough the motions again. How is everyone else doing?


daniibabii2010 - February 21

Im ten weeks and 3 days now. & still can't keep anything down. :( my mom keeps telling me just three more weeks & itll go away, but im not convinced ill ever feel better. lol. my fiance bought me an intelligender today! i was so excited, ive been wanting to take one, but had to wait till i was ten weeks. so I took it, and it said girl! im not gonna hold my breath on it, but it was fun & exciting. Ive been talking to friends of mine who are farther along, & they say that ill be praying for my morning sickness to come back when i start experiencing the kicking, but seceretly, i can't wait! lol. I keep having the strangest dreams about the baby. anyone else have those? lol how is everybodyy?


Mandersmm - February 21

Hello ladies. Hope everyone is okay. I think that my morning sickness is finally starting to ease up. I've actually been able to eat a decent meal the past couple days. I actually lost a couple pounds so hopefully I can start to gain some weight before my appointment next week. daniibabii2010: I'm sorry that you're feeling so lousy. I know how you feel. I get morning sickness really bad when I'm pregnant. With my first son I had to go to the ER because I was so dehydrated. Did you talk to your doctor about trying some medication like Zofran. That's the only thing that was able to let me eat anything. And I know what you mean about the dreams. They are very realistic and odd.


kearly - February 22

hi girls. sorry, haven't written in a while. guess it's pretty boring on my end.... nheartbeat heard, no ultrasounds. i chose not to do any of the screening tests so i lose out on some of the extra ultrasounds. we decided we wouldn't do anything differently based on the results and didn't want to have all that worry on us until it's necessary. plus, my brother got a false positive on his initial blood screen, had to do the amnio, etc. and it was nightmare for them. def. didn't want to go through that. soooo, now i wait until 20 weeks. i think i 'll hear the heartbeat next week at my appt. wearing maternity jeans right now and they feel soooo good ! sorry, some of you are still feeling sick. what a bummer. hang in there, hopefully it will ease up soon. my brother's girlfriends' didn't ease up until 15 weeks. and she's still really tired. poor thing. i'm def. feeling the "honeymoon phase". take care everyone !!!!


rosenow - February 23

Hi girls. Had an ultrasound last night! The baby was moving around soooooo much! It was wonderful. Heart Beat was 162bpm which is great. My hubby was there with me. The tech was not very nice but that is ok we got to see our Rosebud!


tanyajean82 - February 24

Hello girls Hope everyone is doing ok. Rose- Why are all the technicians such a technician was not very pleasent either. 13wks 2d today day. Noticing that my symptoms are subsiding and my appet_te is increasing( O know what out). I am getting an ultrasound next tues 2 March 10 and i cant wait to see my lil one and how much it has qrown again. I think i might be able to "feel" the baby a little. Not kicking but pressure when i am laying down.Who know i am a first time mom so i have know idea what's what. Anyones experiencing this?


rosenow - February 25

ugh I am getting so tired of these all day headaches! I drink lots of water and eat super healthy but they just seem to come and go as they please! I can't even excersize and I am getting sore from sleeping so much! Rediculous!



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