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Mandersmm - January 12

Hi ladies. I was just wondering if I could join you. I am 6w2d pregnant with my 3rd baby - I have two sons, 3 and 1. I'm figuring my due date to be September 5 but I won't know for sure until my first appointment which isn't until February 2.


rosenow - January 13

Hi girls. Wow there are allot of us for Sept! That is wonderful. How is everyone feeling. What are everyones symptoms? I have had mild headaches and I am tired. It think being tired is causesin the headache. I have been going to bed early to countre this but then after 3am I toss and turn till morning. Starting to feel light nausea once in a while.


Mandersmm - January 13

So far I have been exhausted. As soon as I get my kids to bed, I practically pa__s out myself. I have also been feeling a little sick - but no vomiting.


rosenow - January 13

i stood up quickly an hour ago and my body sure let me know that that was something I should not do again. It hurt lol


monkey8 - January 13

hello ladies! morning sickness yet! yeah! hope it stays that way, lol. i do have a lot of indigestion and heartburn as well as the round ligament cramps when i get up or move too quick! i am seeing nurse on 19th for blood work and to get appt to see dr. i am sure i will fall into high risk since i am 38 and i also have rheumatoid arthritis(autoimmune disorder).


rosenow - January 14

monkey: I feel the same way. Not sick yet, but like I mentioned before, that stabbing cramp when I get up too fast as well. mandersmm: I can't wait to have two kids and preg with the third lol. I am preg with my first right now and we would like three in total. I'll bet you must be tired!! Get DH to make you some diner!


kearly - January 14

me too, i'v been having those stabbing feelings too. this forum is doing wonders for my paranoia ! you'd think i'd remember this stuff from last time... i had my appt. yesterday and they did an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat. which was a huge relief. now if the baby grows 1 mm a day over the next week, i'll have less than 1% chance of miscarriage. amazing how they can figure all of that out. then i can go to a regular ob. right now i'm at a fertlity place b/c i took clomid and did insemination. anyone else go through fertility treatments ? i'm geting a bit more sick each day and last night i was so tired and had a battle worse than any other with my daughter. i think it was my first hormonal breakdown. anyone else want to eat everything in sight ? mandersmm, we'll have the same due date ! lia - thanks for the insight. i did ask my doctor so i'm in the 7th week..phew, glad to sort that out. i'm so osrry to hear about your son. i could not even imagine the sorrow you must have gone through.... oh, and i did tell my coworkers yesterday. we're a small company so i think most knew anyway since i'm a crazy coffee drinker and have given that up and have a million doctors appts., etc. we've told some random friends and family too. ok, have a great day everyone and so glad to have you girls to chat with !


rosenow - January 14

kearly: I took the fertility aid clomid to concieve. I cannot conceive without it naturally. I have had a lack of energy and little lack of patience with my students. Oh well I have been giving them very structured quite work for the last two weeks since we got back to school. I am 6 weeks and am acking to go in my my first appt. to hear the heart beat! I am so excited. I will be so nervous though and I am not a nervous person but this is something that is sooooo totaly out of my control that I just have to trust that God's plan includes this little one in our lives.


Mandersmm - January 14

rosenow: It is tiring with two so little in the house. It's even harder because my husband works nights so he can't help me put them down. On the other hand, it's good that he's gone at night because as soon as the boys go to sleep, I get to go to sleep. kearly: That's funny that we'll have the same due date. Mine is only based off of my estimates though so I might be off a couple of days.


kearly - January 14

mandersmm, my husband also work nights so i'm solo with dinner/bath/and bedtime. we just took the binky away and bedtime is now a dreaded event in my house. so i feel your pain. i used to have her in bed by 7:30 and the rest of the night was mine, but those days are over. i wish she could use the binky till she's 18 ! i start one of my last few grad cla__ses next week so this week my goal is to get this bedtime issue under control so i can find sleep somehow !


kearly - January 14

rosenow, i know, you must be dying to know. when do you go for your next appointment ? i have pcos so no shot at pregnancy without clomid either, but clomid is a miracle worker ! i think you have a great outlook and i'm sure everything will be wonderful when you do get to your appt !


Lia - January 14

Hi girls! I'm here and oh so tired. UGH... I wish I could take a nap. I was a little nauseous today but I didn't vomit. YAY!!! I would walk around with a plastic bag during my last pregnancies, because I never knew when it would hit. Kearly- I know you are struggling with the binky but it's only temporary. My daughter sucks her fingers and we are having the hardest time trying to get her to stop. Our problem is that we can't take her fingers away. It's a battle I'm not ready to fight. She will be 3 in a couple of weeks. I think we'll start when I'm in my 2nd trimester and have more energy. Rosenow - what grade do you teach? Mandersmm - I know the girls are ~3 and 18 about exhausted!


Mandersmm - January 15

Good afternoon ladies. I just wanted to see how everyone was feeling today. I have been nauseous all day and pretty tired.


rosenow - January 15

Hi girls. I wish I had more symptoms to report but really just tired. Really tired, light nausea but I would not even call it that. I want more symptoms until I hear that little ticker at the doctors! It would make me feel more confident!


daniibabii2010 - January 16

okay. I found out about a week ago that i'm pregnant (via hpt... five of them, all positive.) when i called the doctor and told her when my last period was and stuff, she said i was about five weeks pregnant. four days ago i started spotting. its bright red but theres barley any at all (none on my panties. only on the tp when i wipe) everything i read on the internet says that if the blood is bright red its bad. am i having a miscarrige? i really dont wanna loose this baby. :/ helpp.


kearly - January 19

hi girls ! how is everyone doing ? rosenow, i think i'm with you now b/c i was feeling a bit sick last week and tired too, but now i feel great ???? i do have an ultrasound tomorrow to be sure baby is growing at the right pace, but now i'm worried. why would i suddenly be feeling fine now. after tomorrow and a__suming i get good news, i won't complain about feeling good, but till then, i'll worry like crazy. daniibabii2010, how are things with you ? sometimes people get what seems like a light period around the time they should get their period, even though they are prego. are you still spotting ? i hope everything is ok !



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