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Missy - January 11

Anyone else due in September? I got my BFP yesterday, my EDD is 9/17/2008. Anyone wanna join me?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 11

Hi, I am due around the 15th or is your pregnancy going so far, no symptoms yet here just a positive test


Missy - January 11

Hi Nerdy, we chatted a bit over on teen forum! I didnt know you guys were trying - or were you? You have a baby born in late 2006 (judging from your s/n I a__sume 10/06??) so I didnt know you guys were trying already. Thats awesome the kids will be close like that! No real symptoms except I had tender tender bbs at 9-12dpo other than that brown spotting that stopped 2 days ago adn I am now 16dpo. Have you taken one test or more than one?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 11

Actually we weren't planning, and you will be in a bigger shock lol I got married 10/24/ daughter was actually born August 27th, 07. WAYYYY to soon for me, but nothing much I can do now (Don't believe in abortion and could never consider adoption) And I took 2 tests, DH and I plan to get another one tonight just because I am addicted to seeing the positives appear lol


Missy - January 11

My cousin has a boy and a girl that less than a year apart and she loves it. She said its interesting with 2 in diapers but she loves that she's done in 2 years KWIM? I need to go get another test - I've only POAS one time!! I cant belive I have bought a costco sized box yet hahha


hoping01 - January 15

Hi guys! I am due September 14th. This is my first pregnancy. We are SOOO happy about it. I found out on Thursday and have done 4 tests plus another one at the dr to confirm it. When I told my hubby he wanted me to do a digital test just so he could see the word "pregnant" it was sooo cute! Of course instantly...."Pregnant" came up. We told our families on Sunday. They are so excited and happy!! I have been feeling great. The only time I feel really sick and almost/do throw up is after taking the prenatal vitamin....WEIRD. Has that happened to anyone else? I was taking them before I got preg and I was fine. Is there anything I could do?? Congrats to everyone and their BFP's!!!


bsing123 - January 15

Hey girls! I think I'm due September 12th. I'll find out for sure next Wednesday when I get the dating ultrasound. I may be off a day or two. I already have a daughter that just turned 2 last month. However, we've been trying for #2 for 15 months, so I'm SOOO excited!! I got preggo right away with my daughter so it was very frustrating. Hoping01, my husband was the same way about wanting to see the word "pregnant"!! Also, I've heard it might help to take your prenatal right before bed if it makes you nauseated.


bsing123 - January 15

Does anyone else have an u/s scheduled yet??


ChristinaB - January 15

Hello ladies, I think i'm due for September 12th, give or take a few days!! I have my first doctors appointment tomorrow :-))) i will let you all know how it went!! Also, I am feeling sooooo tired all the time, anyone else experiencing this?


julepowers - January 15

Hi Girls, I'm due on Sept 1st. I'm almost 8 weeks. Don't worry Nerdy your symptoms will be coming in full force soon. I felt GREAT at 6 weeks and then boom I was so ill!!! It's worth very minute of it. MY DH and I have been trying for over a year and had a m/c in June. We are so ecstatic. I had my u/s last thursday and we saw the heartbeat. So exciting and amazing. I'm so happy for all of us!!!


Missy - January 15

I have my first dr's appt 1/28/08. I dunno if I will get an US at that time - i will be 6wks5d. With my DD i got my first US at 7wks3d. No signs or symtoms to report here - same ol' same ol lol. With my DD M/S kicked in at about 6/7 weeks and the tiredness was about the same time. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow - feels like it's crawling by!! I can't wait to make it to the second trimester!! Does anyone have a preference boy or girl? We have a daughter and would love a little boy to complete our family but will be happy with a healthy baby no matter what the s_x.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 15

My doctor won't see me until I am 8 weeks along, I hate old doctor seen me right away. I can't wait for my ultrasound. I absolutely LOVE seeing the babies on the screen. But congrats to everyone. Are you hoping for pink or blue?


hoping01 - January 16

Thanks bsing for the advice. I had been taking the vitamins at night and then I read somewhere that you should take them in the am with food....I am going to go back to taking them before least if I feel sick I will be in my own home and not on the way to the train staion. Yesterday I had to pull over to get sick. It was so annoying!!! I felt SO much better after tho. lol I dont have an ultrasound scheduled yet, but my first prenatal visit is Feb 11. I will be 9 weeks by then. Kinda weird that I have to wait that long, but I guess thats just what they will do. Would that be too early for an ultrsound? Eeeeek I am so excited about being pregnant!!! I pray that all of us have a happy and healthy 9 months!! I dont care what the s_x is as long as my baby is healthy!!!! Have u guys all told ur families yet?


bsing123 - January 16

Christina, how did you appointment go? I actually went to my OB today too. I just couldn't wait, so I begged them to take me today. As I suspected, I was a little further behind what my LMP would suggest. My actual due date will be more like Sept 17 since the ultrasound guessed I was exactly 5 weeks today instead of 5w6d. This happened with my daughter as well. I am usually a late ovulater. We were able to see the sac and yolk sac and he said it looked REALLY good. I am supposed to go back in two weeks to hopefully see the little bean and a heartbeat! I go back Feb 1st. I would prefer to have a boy b/c I think it would be nice to have one of each, but I LOVE having a girl and wouldn't be sad one minute to find out I was having another girl! I LOVE GIRL CLOTHES!!!!


bsing123 - January 16

Oh yeah, they took my blood and I'll find out my HCG levels tomorrow.


Missy - January 16

I'd love a boy but a healthy baby boy or girl is welcome!! I wonder if I will get an US when I go. I am about 99% sure I am exactly 5 weeks today as I charted, was on clomid and fairly positive of my ovulation date (12/26). DH didnt realize I was in my second month officially - he was like no, you are not even a month yet and I was like no honey they go by LMP silly! I guess he forgot everything I *taught* him from DD LOL! I havent told anyone yet, only DD and my hubby. I am going to keep it quiet until I have had an US and see the HB....I dunno why but I am super paranoid and actually kinda enjoying my little secret! How is everyone feeling? Nothin yet here - I almost **ALMOST** want m/s to come (yea I say that now remind me i said that when I am puking in the toilet haha!!)


sarah21 - January 16

Congrats all you September Moms! I am a March Mom-to-be. Pregnancy can be so fun, as I'm sure all you veteran moms know. Rest a__sured, the nausea, aching back, sore nipples, aching uterus are all normal, will go away (eventually) and yes, you will probably enjoy being pregnant. Good luck to you all!



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