September Mommies Part 4

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fatboy - March 8

Welcome to Part 4 September Mommies!


ginger6363 - March 8

I'm having an u/s at 15.5 wks (in 2 wks!), my doctor said we can tell the s_x then! I'm so excited. I can't wait!


Hailsa24 - March 8

Hello everybody!!! It's so crazy how far along we are all getting now! I'm 13 weeks today! It seems like just yesterday I was 7 weeks along. Soon we'll all be finding out the s_x (if we choose) and getting our little or big baby bumps!! I can't wait! My 16 week appt. is on March 26th, and my first ultrasound is May 7th! It seemed SOOOO far away at my first appt. on Jan. 17th, but it is coming soooo soon :) I can't wait to start buying baby clothes!! I hope everybody has a great weekend!!!


moescrilla - March 8

hey girls - I'm 14 weeks today. I had an ultrasound yesterday, but the ultrasound tech wouldnt even try to see the s_x of the baby. she said its way to early. She said the earliest she tries is 16 weeks. (this is a hospital) My dr.'s office doesnt have an ultrasound machine yet, too bad. But I'm probably going to wait until I'm 20 weeks, because hopefully my husband will be home then. (He works offshore) But if he wont be home, I'll do it around 18 weeks.


maryg - March 8

Hi ladies! I'm 13 weeks today too, so looking forward to tomorrow, which I hear is the first day of the second trimester. We got our "First" test results today. By my age alone (38) we had a 1 in 80 chance of Down Syndrome or other chromosome problems, but after the test, they've changed our chances to 1 in 2300! I highly recommed the screening--its a huge load off my mind and I'm so glad we don't have to go for invasive testing!


Bellas Mom - March 8

Good going Dawn, I've been meaning to start a new thread.... Went in to my NT test today. The baby measured fine and looks perfect the tech said. She tried looking at the s_x and said 85% girl. I'm 12w4d. With my first they told me 100% girl at 12w1d!!! So it is possible, but they must be VERY experienced like the man who did mine last time around. He said he only got one wrong in 40 years! So I trusted him, and certainly, he was right. Now this lady, said I should wait, because at the end of the u/s she said, "oh wait" "now it looks like a boy to me" She was cofused, but trying to help me and explained what she was looking at and how she figured what she figured. I need to post the pics so you all could see.


Bellas Mom - March 8

okay I just upload the sono pictures...


Cathy2 - March 8

Bella's mom. Where do we go to see the pics again?


Bellas Mom - March 8, sunshine


Bellas Mom - March 8

sorry it's and not, oops....


fatboy - March 8

Sienna, you're u/s pics look great! I just had another one (regular u/s) done a week ago, but once I had the 3D, I wasn't as impressed going back to regular u/s again. Did you feel that way? The 3D is just so realistic! I loved it! Moescrilla, what a bummer they wouldn't even try to look for the s_x. Fortunately my u/s tech is my best friend, so I can have the 3D u/s anytime I want and she doesn't have all of those ridiculous rules. Atleast at 20 weeks it will be more accurate and your hubby will be there with you : )


charee - March 9

Moescrilla I cant believe how rude the ultrasound techs can be, when i had mine they wouldnt even let me LOOK at the screen!!! I cant wait until I go in for my next one... about 5 weeks! =) Bellas Mom (sienna?) Your baby belly is so cute =) Its so weird, I am noticing Im starting to really have one now too... more and more! (uh oh). The ultrasound photos are great!! Have you guys (september girls) heard your babys heartbeats yet?? I go in for my FIRST (not good i know) prenatal appt next week, and I will be 15 weeks. Im excited, everything should be going good I hope and i should even be able to hear the hb!!!!!


Bellas Mom - March 9

Dawn, you are totally right about not being the same as the 3d, you get spoiled after seeing the baby that way and then back to 2d... But it was still fun and amazing to see how perfect the baby is already. I found this article on the net about telling the gender so early on (bet 11-14w), and this article was printed in 1999, so it is 100% possible, but a little harder for less experienced sonographers. Apperantly it all has to do with the angle, it should be sideways and not from underneath as they do later on when the genitals are completely formed. I thought it was interesting, I still wish I knew what I am having..... But I can wait. ( with all the w's in the front of course) moescrilla, I can't believe either they didn't allow you to look, don't they know us mommies are eager to meet our babies, even if it is on screen???? And charee, thanks on the compliments. I do find that towards nighttime is when my belly sticks out the most, and that's when I took that pic, hehe. Don't worry about it being your first prenatal appt. Have you been taking a vitamin though? I can't ait to hear how your appt goes and how you feel when you hear that thump-thump for the first time!!!! :o)


Cathy2 - March 10

bellas mom, great pictures...glad to see I'm not the only one showing this much! I look exactly like you and so many people are so shocked at the size of my belly...we started out similarly though...pretty small and flat so that might be why...I love it though, now that I've hit 12 weeks, I don't need to try and hide it and I am proudly wearing maternity tops...really cute empire waistline tshirts from regular stores...aren't we lucky that empire waistlines are in fashion anyways these days?


Bellas Mom - March 10

Cathy, I feel so bloated!!! I'm glad your find nice maternity tops, I still haven't taken out my old clothes, I have a HUGE box full of maternity clothes from the first time around, but I'm still trying to get by for a little longer. But I can't fit into my jeans anymore. So I wear tights and long shirts, the empire wait ones are perfect like you said, AND they are in style!!!


fatboy - March 10

Okay, this has got to be one of my most exciting posts ever! I am having a little girl! It is 100% sure. Can't stay on's been a long day. I just thought you all would like to know!


Bellas Mom - March 10

OMG!!!!!!! That is SOOO exciting, and NOT fair!! Just kdding.... How did you find out, did you do another 3d or did you get some other testing done??? Congratulations!!! I'm jealous :o) Please come back when you have more time to tell us MORE~



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