September Mommies Part 4

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Bellas Mom - March 10

OMG!!!!!!! That is SOOO exciting, and NOT fair!! Just kdding.... How did you find out, did you do another 3d or did you get some other testing done??? Congratulations!!! I'm jealous :o) Please come back when you have more time to tell us MORE~


fatboy - March 10

Sienna, I am sooo thrilled! My husband was speachless for about 15 minutes. We thought it was a boy. Don't get me wrong, he's excited just extremely nervous now. He was raised with all boys! Anyway, we had the 3D again and it was very obvious. We didn't need a tech to tell us what the s_x was. Anyway, I added the latest 3D ultrasound pic on photosite. is the address. It is in album 2 and it is a very close up of the face. you can see her forehead, 1 eye, nose, lips and chin. You might have to step away from the screen a bit to see it.


moescrilla - March 11

fatboy - how far along are you? I AM SOOOO JEALOUS YOU ALREADY FOUND OUT!!!


fatboy - March 11

Moescrilla or Morgan (I think that's right) I was 14 wks 1 day. So, you can definitely tell at this point if you have the right equipment. Like I said, my husband and I could even tell it was a little girl. There's so much detail in those ultrasounds, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I don't want you guys to be jealous, I am just lucky that my bf is an ultrasound tech. Your turn will be here soon! My mom was telling me yesterday to imagine having to wait through the whole pregnancy without knowing. Ofcourse back when I was born there were no ultrasounds. Anyway, has everyone moved on to the 2nd trimester? I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Hailsa24 - March 11

Congrats on the little girl!!! How exciting :) I don't get to find out until May 7th!!! It is SOOOO long from now! :( How is everybody else doing? It is going to warm up here in Ohio this week :) YAY!!! 60 tomorrow and 68 on Tuesday! I can't WAIT!!! :) Have a great Sunday!


Cathy2 - March 11

Congrats on the little girl! SO amazing to see that so soon! My husband and I are sticking to the "yellow team"...I really want to be surprised and wait for the moment I hear "it's a -----"....but I'm glad you found out if you wanted to know...most people I know are dying to find out what gender the baby is the second they're pregnant! So, to my horror, guess what I saw this morning? Bright blue veins...2 of them going from my collor bones down and into my b___sts! Yuck!!!! My husband says he can hardly see them, but he's being nice...good Lord what am I going to look like afew months from now??? : ) By the way, let's go ahead and move Septmeber Mommies to the second trimester board...Im' not due till late Sept...but I'm 12 weeks so let's go ahead and do it, that way new people to the forum will be able to find us...


moescrilla - March 11

theres people in the 2nd tri forum that have posted that are due in sept. so it would be a good idea - I wish the tech would have tried to see the s_x of the baby when I had mine, but she wouldnt. I guess thats there policy, that way she has a better chance of being right (I dont know how you could sue someone for them giving you their oppinion on what your having, but I have heard of hospitals getting sued b/c they told the couple the wrong s_x) So I guess thats why there so tight-lipped on it until you're farther along.


Cathy2 - March 11

we've moved onto the Second Trimester board in case any of you are wondering where we all went : )



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