Septembr Mommies Part 2

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Sara0405 - February 5

The other one was getting so long! Happy to see so many sept. mommies out there. Hope everyone is feeling good and keep baking those beans!


ginger6363 - February 5

hello, sept mommies! Just wanted to give an update: today was my second u/s and things could not have looked better. The sprout was even moving all around---wiggling all about like she/he was doing the hokey-pokey! The baby was measuring right on target at 9w1d and had a strong heartbeat. After 9w and 2 u/s, I am finally starting to feel like this is real! It was amazing just how much she’s grown in two weeks! I could make out a big ol’ head (that’s our baby) and stubby little arms and legs. In fact, she looked a lot like a floating gummy bear.


margie - February 5

Oh ginger yay!!! Im so excited to hear that since our dates are the same. That means that mine is moving around inside me too! :D That is so exciting!!! Heheh, floating gummy bear is the most adorable description of it I've ever heard too. I'm 9 weeks and already can see my stomach changing--usually when i gain weight and its fat, its below my belly b___ton and really squishy but now i have this kind of roundish shape above my belly b___ton that I've never had before. I can't wait until I really start showing. Ugh, I'm still having this slight's been going on now for about a week. I'm just kind of ignoring it because I feel more and more pregnant everyday so I know that nothing is going wrong, and I just saw the baby and heartbeat last monday. I just wish I could get another ultrasound just for fun but I have to wait until the second trimester when they'll see the s_x...thats soooo long! I'm going to buy one of those doppler things though to hear the heartbeat at home at least because I think that it would be fun. Hope everyone else is doing great!


ginger6363 - February 5

Hey, Margie! I am glad that you are feeling more pregnant these days, and everything seems to be going well. It was pretty awesome to see the baby again today (I am a bit high risk so I am being monitored more frequently). I have another 12 week u/s on 2/23 (where they will do the nuchal tube testing) Since we are on the same timeline, I am sure your baby is moving around, too! I hear you on the doppler. I am actually going to rent one myself here pretty soon! Keep me posted on your progress.


kristinns25 - February 5

I love the floating gummybear!!! That is perfect! My doc said I could have another u/s at my next appointment since My husband couldn't be there for the first one. I will be 13w2d and can't wait to see how much my jellybean has changed! I didn't get to hear the heartbeat last visit but did see it on the u/s. My baby was wiggling some, too! This is so exciting!!!


ginger6363 - February 5

Hey Kristenn, that's awesome that your OB is gonna give you another u/s so your dh can be there! Best of luck!


STEPHB195 - February 5

Hello, the other was getting rather long, I was suprised how many people there were. Its good talking to people that are at the same stage as you. This is my second pregnancy (i miscarried on the 1st) and its nice to know that other people are going through the same things and feeling the same things that i am feeling. I am 9 weeks today and have my first appointment with the midwife on thursday, so hopefully it wont be long until i get to see my floating gummy bear!!! x x


margie - February 5

I sware it feels like forever between dr visits! I have my next one next monday and i wish i could speed it up. At these appointments it's the only place that i can "see" or "hear" my baby and obviously have a little while before I'll get to feel him/her. That's why I can't wait to buy a fetal doppler to hear the heartbeat at home! Hey if any of you want to purchase one for cheaper than renting one I found some on amazon and the reviews said they work well! I think I'm going to buy one of those. Oooooh I'm so excited for every little thing, I get so anxious and worried at the same time but I feel like as I get farther along the worry is getting better. Now I'm really just more excited to get farther along and start to look more pregnant and feel the baby moving..thats what I'm so looking forward to! Is anyone else here like me and had spotting on/off quite a bit? Thats the only thing that has been bad about my pregnancy because it makes me worry.... Besides that it hasn't been bad at all, I don't even get m/s!


ginger6363 - February 5

margie, when are you going to buy that one off amazon? I am thinking of putting in my order for that same one tonight (now that I've seen my gummy bear twice!).


margie - February 5

Ginger, i was going to get it on friday but i had an unexpected bill come up and so i'm going to wait until this friday to order it with my next paycheck. I hope it works good! But it's so much cheaper than the rental and you get to own it so I'll have it for my next pregnancys. The reviews all make me pretty confident in it. I figure it's worth a try at least.


Jessika2007 - February 5

nobody even noticed me at all my name is Jessika2007 so anyways congradulations on all the september mommies, this is my forth lol .....I love being pregnant, I've never had any complications and miscarriages and anything like a miscarriages. I have had healthy pregnancys never been in the hospital except to give birth I know that you all have had problems with bleeding and miscarriages I really feel for you and I'm sorry for all those women who had miscarriages and those who are going threw hell I will continue to pray and support and give you the best advice I can give ok hang in there.......


holly_gail - February 6

Hi everyone. I go to the OBGYN again on Wednesday. I kind of hope they do a US again. I feel a bit nausated sometimes, but other than that don't feel pregnant. But last time they did a US and saw the peanut and the heartbeat. I didn't get to hear it though. I will be 9w 4d when I go. I can't wait to have this baby! For the people that said about getting a doplar off amazon, I want to get one of those. What is it called? Ultra sounds are great so that people can look at it and rea__sure me that the baby is fine, but my husband and I are both totally blind. So we can't see the US and would like to hear the heartbeat whenever we want. If someone could tell me which doplar that you can buy would be best to get I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Holly


heather28 - February 6

Hi everyone! I thought I' d put my name here too. I am due Sept. 24...God willing. I am 7w and I have been having mild abdominal cramping so I am a little concerned. My sister had 2 or 3 m/c between her two, and I'm afaid it might happen to me too. But I have really sore b___sts, a little nausea, and now my legs hurt really bad. Has anyone else had the leg pain this early?


ginger6363 - February 6

Hi Holly, the fetal doppler on Amazon that we are talking about is the "Hi Bebe BT-200 Fetal Doppler / Heart Rate Monitor". The reviews seem really positive and at $115, it seems like a better investment than renting one.


Bellas Mom - February 6

I'm just gonna give my 2cents on the fetal doppler. On my first pregnancy I had it for 2 months. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! Just that I wouldn't suggest buying it. it's only good from about 11-12 weeks awhen you can pick it up clearly to about 18-20 when you can FEEL the rea__suring movements of you rprecious baby!!! About 2 years ago they were about $40 a month (then you might as well buy it) but now I've seen some awesome ones for $20 a month if that. I think I will do it again just because it was so much fun to hear the baby, and the swishing and all. But seriously, once you start feeling them every day, you don't really need it. And you can save the extra cash for when they are here, or for a 3d u/s or whatever.... it'll come in handy. That's just me though.


margie - February 6

Hello, how is everyone feeling today? I am sooo exhausted. Just feeling like I'd rather stay at home in bed than come in to work. I'm still going through my spotting on and off so that's driving me insane also and makes it hard to concentrate at work sometimes, but I'm just learning to deal with it the best I can. I'm happy though everyday that I am pregnant no matter how much I get worried sometimes, it is all going to be worth it. I just want to get through this first 12 weeks! Is anyone else getting anxious to get to the second trimester?


bla04017 - February 6

Hey everyone! I posted on september mommies part one, but haven't posted in a few weeks. I am due on Sept 3rd and I had my first dr's appointment last monday. I was right on time for my edd and everything looked great. The baby even moved around for me. It was so rea__suring to see that little heart beat flutter as well! It has made everything seem so real and I'm starting to SHOP for STUFF! I'm only 10 weeks and my husband says it is going to be the longest pregnancy ever if I keep shopping and getting stuff! :) It's just too fun to resist. How is everyone feeling?



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