Severe Heartburn

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Ginger - April 11

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have severe heartburn. I have problem burping and now having constipation. Anyone knows any remedy to cure the heartburn ??


al - April 11

ginger take tums. even on the bottle it says pregnant woman can take up to 7 /day. good luck


MG - April 11

Stay away from acid foods, like tomatoes, oranges and so on. Tums are safe to take during pregnancy.


Carol - April 11

Ginger, I also have terrible heartburn. I will wake up in the middle of the night with it! Try the TUMS. It sometimes works and you don't have to worry about overdosing. I had to take three in a row last night to try to get rid of mine. Also, like MG said avoid the tomatoes. That is what did it to me last night. It is terrible because one of the things that I am craving is fresh sliced tomatoes - AHHH mother nature can be so cruel!


Ginger - April 12

Sorry I don't know what is tums. Can anyone advise?? is this a fruit ??


Amy - April 12

Tums are chewable antacid tablets. They are VERY helpful and luckily don't taste all that bad. I have also found that eating saltine crackers and drinking some ginger ale helps too.


Ginger - April 12

Can i get it at the normal pharmacy outlet ??


H - April 12

you can get tums at a pharmacy, grocery store & i think they even sell individual packets at gas stations.


shannon - October 13

I am 22 weeks pregnant and just started getting severe heartburn. It is so bad it feels like a heart attack and it goes into my back and I cant deal with it. I have been trying everything i can. I heard that celery sticks take away the burning and it seems to work. Tums dont seem to work all that well. I have taken a zantac and that seems to help but takes about 40 min to kick in and work. Rolaids seem to help too a little better than tums. Also I sip on milk all day long which is getting so old but that seems to help also. I eat ice cream at night before bed and that helps too!! Hope that helps.


GINGER - October 13




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