Severe Morning Sickness

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singlem0m - May 16

Hey all, I was just diagnosed with Hypermesis Gravidarium. Basically its an extremely severe case of ms. I'm so upset, I can't keep anything down, I feel TERRIBLE. Does anyone else have this? The dr. gave me some meds to help with the nausea but those come back up too. I'm just so frustrated, I don't understand why I'm so sick :(


hthab - May 16

I had c___ppy morning sickness (all day and night) starting about a week ago, but I wasn't throwing up. Just felt like it all the time, so not nearly as bad as your situation. They gave me Zofran, which has me feeling 90% better. What medication did they give you?


singlem0m - May 16

They gave me some generic for Reglan. I'm afraid that my insurance doesn't cover prescriptions so Zofran would be hundreds of dollars for me. But at this point I'm almost willing to pay it! :)


olivia - May 16

I had this with my first pregnancy. I was lucky and it went away right at the start of my second trimester. It was awful. You might need to go to the hospital from time to time for IV fluids to keep you hydrated. It is okay to lose weight and not eat much, it won't hurt your baby during the first trimester. There are other nausea pills, some that dissolve on you tounge so you don't have to worry about throwing them up. Talk to your doctor about those. Eat anything that appeals to you (if anything does). Don't worry about a proper diet right now. I was so concerned about what I was eating when the only thing that stayed down was bagels. Hopefully you will be like me and it will go away for your second trimester. (And not return with a second pregnancy!). Hang in there, I know how awful it is but it does ease up and it is well worth it!


clare - May 17

hiya im now 25 weeks regg just reading through some of your posts on first tri. i had really bad ms through my first tri and was just wondering if you have tried ginger? i drank lomon and ginger tea and ate ginger biscuits ion a morning before i got out of bed and that helped loads. my sickness stopped during the 2nd tri too. xxgood luck


singlem0m - May 17

Thanks for the feedback ladies! I will be so glad when this ms is over. I really hope that it ends in the 2nd trimester. I ordered prego pops so hopefully those will get here by tomorrow so I can try them. I appreciate the suggestions!


AshleyB - May 17

Hi, I just wanted to say that you're not alone. I've been horribly sick since 5.5 wks. I'm 10 now. I went to the hospital once becasue I was so dehydrated I needed fluids. I was put on zofran, it doesn't help at all. Then I was put on Phenergan suppositories since nothing was staying down, those havent helped at all either. I'm slowly starting to have a couple days where I'm able to keep food down. Preggie pops helped me. It can't last forever, good luck.


NVgirl - May 18

I wasn't diagnosed with HG, but have all the symtoms. I was throwing up 30 times a day and couldn't keep liquid or solids down. Was in the ER on 2 IV drips due to dehydration. The ER gave me phengran (sp) nausea pills but it is a pill that you have to take with water... Yeah right --- puked it right back up. So the OB perscibed Zofran a desolving pill no water needed... that was 3 or 4 weeks ago and I haven't thrown up since. I am 10w4d... the throwing up started at 5 weeks. I am hoping I will be feeling better and will be able to get off my meds come my 2nd trimester. Singlem0m good luck... I totally know how you feel.


singlem0m - May 18

Thanks so much ladies. I hate to hear that you went through it as well but it also help to hear someone else in the same boat as me. My meds are finally starting to kick in and make me feel quite a bit better, however I still get sick in the morning and late at night. If any of you ever need someone to talk to feel free to let me know :)


karenca - May 19

HEllo, I have been very nauseas since about my 5th week I am now 10 weeks 3 days and still trying to get over it. The weird thing is my first pregnancy I was only nauseas a few times during the first trimester at all and this one is much worse. Has this happened to anyone else?


olivia - May 19

karenca -- i have the opposite, very sick with first and not very sick with number 2. I guess each pregnancy is different. I am super tired this time though, and at times I don't know which is worse! good luck



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