Severe Nausea

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Roma - May 26

I am 5 weeks pregnant and am having severe nausea from the past 2 days. I feel like vomitting all day and whatever I eat I cannot make it stay for long. It comes out. I am very much concerned as I am working too. Can someone suggest what should be dont or was anyone in this situation before. DO everyone get so much nausea at 5 weeks?


erica - May 26

Call your doctor they can give you something over the counter to take. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and feeling just a little nauseas. I try to have food in my stomach all the time because If i go long hours without eating I start feeling sick. What really works for me is crackers, carrots, and even loli pops.


To roma - June 6

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I am now 10 weeks and I have had all-day nausea right from week 5. I feels like forever, but anyway...nothing helped me and I can't even stand the sight or smell of food. Luckily my Hubby cooks and brings the food to me downstairs! All I seem to be able to keep down is MacDonald's fries and icecream. Not very healthy! Oh well it is something and my vitamins have been making up for the lack of veggies. My Dr. put me on an anitnausea pills called Diclectin (sp?), which is apparently only available in Canada. I'm sure there are other drugs out there that can help you in the US though. They have been helping enough so that I can at least keep something down. Good Luck!


Pam Ruiz - June 6

Hi !! I am not sure when you posted your message, but when I read it I almost cried! I have a 14 year old son who during gestation made me so sick! Just like you I couldn't keep anything down and I was miserable! I finally begged the doctor to give me compazine doctor at the time told me they would not hurt the baby, and I had them every other day. My baby came out perfect. Another thing to try that is not as invasive, is the motion sickness patches they use for cruises and such. Not everyone gets this, it's only about 5% of the pregnant population and your doctor should know this. If not, you need to find a new OBGYN. Don't suffer through this without help, and don't be so scared not to take something that you suffer too much! I finally put my foot down and got help. I am pregnant with my second baby...not planned, and am about 6-7 weeks pregnant, not sick so far, but who knows. I guarantee if I get sick like I did with the first the doctor will hear my voice! Take care of yourself!



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