Severe Sickness Remedies

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fefer1 - October 18

Has anyone had severe morning sickness? Throwing up all morning, not able to eat anything?? I wasn't nearly as sick with my daughter as I am this time and I don't know how I can take it any longer. I'm only 7 weeks and it started 2 weeks ago and gets worse each day. The DR had me take B6 twice a day but that didn't seem to do a thing. Anyone been given any prescription medication or some other remedy that really worked? I'm starting to get a little depressed thiniking about the many more weeks I have ahead of me.


gabby509 - October 19

Hi Fefer, I saw you on the june mommies post also. I was give Zofran by my doctor yesterday. It is for sever naussea and vomiting. My stepmom took it throughout both of her pregnancies with no problem, but I am hesitant. It was originally prescribed for chemotherapy patients. My doctor says it's safe though. Also it is extrememly expensive. Luckily my insurance covered the majority of it, but if not it is about 70 dollars a pill. This is my first pregnancy and I am definitely having a really hard time dealing with the morning sickness.


amylove0701 - October 21

right there with yall im 8 w 4d i have been really sick since 5w and im getting dehidrated and i dont go to the dr til oct 29 but they finally gave me zofan and phenagen phenagen for night... i only had to pay 5 dollars for zofan....i hope it works for me...


ChattyKathy - October 21

If you get to the point where you can't keep anything down, ESPECIALLY if you can't keep water down, you need to go to the ER or your doctor to get medication for it. You don't have to suffer like this and you shouldn't if its causing harm to your health.


jezebel1018 - October 21



julie2007 - October 21

reglan ( a prescription med) at first - but i was still sick - i ended up needing IV hydration - so you really need to keep a watch on your dehydration level -- ( i couldn't keep water down) --- and since that didn't work - i moved to zofran - it was AMAZING - and expensive - but worth it!! and i have a healthy 2 y/old so don't suffer ask your doc for a prescription! good luck and feel better.


fefer1 - October 22

Thank you so much for all the information! I am willing to try anything at this point so I can have a somewhat normal life again. I'm so tired of sitting on my b___t but I can't do anything else! My husband does the dishes, laundry and cooking while I sit as still as possibe. During the week it 's hard because he works and I have to take care of my 1 year old. Are there any other side effects with the Zofran? How often do you take it? I just want relief!!!


kellydawnking - October 22

I had to reply my heart goes out to you I went through this with my daughter. Looks like I am with this one as well. I tried everything from crackers to certain drinks and other foods and nothing worked. I would drink v8 when my sickness was somewhat stable. Like my last pg I have been able to keep some v8 down. I wish there was something that worked and if anyone finds anything please share! Months of being sick is not fun and it jsut flat out sucks! You could try muching on crushed ice or making an ice smoothy. I used to go through Friches drive through and get a bug cup of ice because it was crushed. They probably thought woa this chick is wierd. I was not able to keep water even down so crushed ice was my friend that's for sure.


fefer1 - October 23

Hey - the doctor finally prescribed Zofran and it works!! I hate taking any drug I don't need but - I needed it! I took one pill last night and within 20 minutes I was feeling great! Took half of one this morning and am still a little ill but nowhere near as bad as before. I can eat, get up with out throwing up - it's so wonderful. I have hope again! :)


julie2007 - October 23

how many really sick morning sick-er's had girls? i did. anyone else?


lisa715 - October 24

my ms isn't severe, but it sure is constant! has anyone tried ginger? i bought some ginger snaps and some "Ginger Chunks" from Trader Joes...the Chunks taste like you're licking sap from an evergreen!! kinda gross, but i ate it like they do on Fear Factor - chew rapidly without letting it touch the tongue and swallow as fast as possible!! did it work for anyone else?


fefer1 - October 24

I was very sick with my daughter but this time, it's sooo much worse! The Zofran isn't working for me very well anymore either. I think I have to take it every 8 hours now and see if that makes a difference. I was taking it during the day and not at night because I never had problems at night - but last night I woke up at 12:30 starving - ate a sandwich and an apple, woke up at 4am and just about barffed it all up. ugh...I also hate ginger, just smelling it or thinking about it makes me gag. :)


Gla__schicky - October 25

Hey guys I have been suffering for over a month now, I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and have been throwing up constantly. I have lost 10 lbs in a week and I have zero energy. I actually have a job interview tomorrow and I've been up half the night vomiting. I haven't heard of Zofran but I have heard of Diclectin from many people. When I saw my family doctor last Tuesday she didn't seem concerned with anything and told me to take over the counter c___p which doesn't work AT ALL. I'm nauseas 24/7 and vomiting half that time, can't keep anything down and I've tried lots of stuff. Glad to see it's not just me, I'm going to go to the walk in clinic tomorrow and hopefully get a prescription for this because it's awful. It's kind of hard to enjoy your pregnancy when feeling so c___p.


Mandersmm - October 25

Hello ladies. I'm in the same boat. When I was pregnant with ds I was so sick I wound up in the ER for deyhdration. Now, with baby #2, it seems like it's starting all over again. I'm 8 weeks and yesterday I couldn't keep anything down, except tea. Today seems to be better, but if it gets any worse, I'll call my midwife. I know this sucks now, but it should be over in a few weeks. As soon as you feel the baby move, you'll hopefully forget all about how sick you were.


Gla__schicky - October 25

I honestly feel so terrible that I'm hating every minute of this pregnancy. I can't even keep a sip of water down. I went to the clinic today and they did a urine test on me and there were blood traces and it was lacking in something... I don't remember, too busy puking in a tupperware ..basically telling me I'm dehydrated. The doctor prescribed me Diclectine thank god, I've heard good things about it... but I guess I can't say much since it hasn't kicked in yet. I am finding it hard to keep any pills down so I have to majorly distract myself so I don't throw up as much, hopefully give the pill some time to work. I just had my second soda cracker...trying to keep it down. The doctor told me it's a vicious circle.. you throw up cause you feel nauseas, you're nauseas cause of morning sickness, but being dehydrated and tired makes the nausea worse but then you can't keep anything down so it seems like a lose lose situation. I will let you all know if the Diclectin works, it's supposed to be fast acting. Not sure how 'fast acting' it is tho. Hope you all feel better than I do:)


ma1008 - October 25

try gatorade, it helps me with the yucky feeling so it might help you to keep something down if not solids at least the gatorade.


ry - October 25

Oh, you poor thing, I am dreading when mine hits. I had hg with my dd. First I would tell you to go to the doctor to be sure you arent dehydrated. I got so sick I got to a point where I almost didnt know where I was and had to go to the er for 2IVs. I was finally prescibed zofran and it saved my life...literally. ave them up your does if its not working and also sea bands and lemon ice helped me a bit. Sea bands are those wrist points that hit your pressure points inside your wrist. Good luck to you and hang in there! It will be over before you know it!



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