SEX Contains Grafic Info Lol

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MrsShelton217 - March 9

Okay... This may get a little personal, and slightly grafic... but howelse will I get answers unless I give all the details: DH and I have s_x just about every day. I have never had any pain w/ intercourse, not matter what position we are in... Last night we started out the regular old fashioned way... me on my back... well, everything was fine, I didn't have any pain or anything. Then we changed, and I was kneeling.... well, I don't know what the difference was, but I thought I was going to die! It hurt so bad every time he went all the way in... I am sorry that this post is kind of personal... but I'd rather ask it to a bunch of strangers that cant see my blushing face than describe to my OB that it only hurts when im on my hands and knees! HAHA :) :) Ya know?


ginger6363 - March 9

Mrs, you are funny. :) I honestly, wouldn't be too concerned about it. If I had to take a guess, I would say that your your dh was prob hitting your sensitive cervix when you were "kneeling." In PG, our cervix get tremendously sensitive, so much so that it common for it bleed after intercourse. To make things easy on you, I would suggest you stay away from any position that makes you feel uncomfortable. Unless the pain continues with "regular" positions, I don't think you should worry.


kristie h - March 9

I use to get tye same thing even when i wasnt pregnant. It was like DH was stabing my insides!! and when we would finish i felt bruised all inside in the tummy ect the mext day. I would keep to you on bottom if it continues then you try riding him that way you can control how deep he goes. Mention this to your doctor, you dont have to tell him much just tell him/her that s_x is realy hurtng you and ask what may be the cause. When s_x use to be painfull for me i couldnt do many positions at all mainly me on top that way i had the control. This is very common in females weather you are pregnant or not and they say it corrects itself after you give birth, well i have a 2 year old son and now i can do any position without pain. By the way dont be shamed for asking this question as somone may have the answer you are looking for. GL


Peachtree - March 9

gingers right, our cervix's are really sensitive right now, and that position allows for deep penetration. Like Kristie, I too felt 'pain or pressure' even before pregnancy in that position. I'm sure it's ok. By the way, you have s_x almost every day??? OMG...good for you guys! :)


MrsShelton217 - March 9

It's funny... b/c I figured my s_x drive would come to a sudden hault.. but shooooot.... It's sped up some.... DH is LOVIN it! He told me last night that he planned on keeping me pregnant forever. (geeeez!... and I thought 9months was a long time!)


SarahMarie99 - March 9

Yeah... just be lucky that you can have s_x. My doc told us no s_x for the first trimester due to 2 previous miscarriages and my dh being hung like a horse. Men just dont understand when it is hurting and how that is like for us. But, he is feeling the pain now as it is week number 3 for him without s_x.... but trust me I am going crazy also as we also had s_x EVERY day...


lisarenee - March 9

okay....what does DH stand for? Something husband?


charee - March 10

dear husband



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