Sex Bleeding

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KittyKat - October 2

Hi, I have just been for my 2nd early scan cos I keep bleeding and getting brown discharge. The doctors said that the baby seems ok and that some women can just bleed. However I seem to bleed the day after I have had s_x. Does anyone get this? And/Or if so do you think I should keep having s_x? The doctor said that some women do bleed after s_x and that is harmless to the baby but I you can probably imagine its not very nice. Any advise welcome. Thanks


clindholm - October 2

The cervix usually becomes sensative during pregnancy which could result in bleeding. Personally, I would not have s_x if that is the only time it happens. That's not to say that you can't do anything, I would just avoid actual penetration. I'm surprised your doctor didn't recommend "pelvic rest" knowing the bleeding only occurs after s_x. I'm glad your baby is doing well.


mommylovesyou - November 19

have you been tested for STDs? spotting/bleeding after s_x or the day after is a common symptom of chlamydia. not to worry you but it is something to think about & the sooner you take care of it (if that is what is wrong) the less risk to your baby.


Teddyfinch - November 22

mommylovesyou: actually it's more common after s_x than it is common to be an std. don't scare her sheesh. considering it only happens after s_x, i would say it's probably her cervix and she should stop the s_x. if it continues, then let the doc know.


joeysmom - November 22

Hi, the same thing happened to me with my second son and it was due to a small hematoma outside of my uterus and went away after a few weeks. I would bleed for no reason and a lot of the time it was brown blood (which is old blood) So maybe ask your doctor about that but it didn't harm my baby and it went away.


buchisheriff - December 2

my dear kittykat,i would suggest you and your hubby just chill for sometime,since you bleed anytime you have s_x and like clindholm suggests,avoid actual past 5weeks and that's what i do with my hubby(avoid actual penetration and don't have s_x frequently).just talk it over with your hubby and decide which one is best for you of luck.


tinalaferte - December 17

Hey, well its happened to me a couple times. After having s_x, the next day or so I experienced brown spotting. The doctor says its normal and not to worry. If you ever experience RED blood, I would start to worry. Just always make sure you are not doing any positions that can be uncomfortable for you and the baby.


breezieb - December 18

I have 2 kids and am 31 weeks now ( I think) lol....anyway I had spotting with s_x for my 2 m/c in 2007...BUT dont be scared because I also had it with this one!!!! I did take progestrine with this one however to help sustain the pregnancy. My doctor said with ALL the occasions that it was from my cervix being full of blood vesels and very sensitve early in pregnancy. Doc said to take it easy with the s_x. So dh penatrated but didnt go all the way back . I really dont think it has any bearing on if it is a healthy pregnancy or i said it happend in both cases with me and if it is only after s_x I would just be very careful or hold off for a while. Good luck ladies and congratulaions!!!



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