Sex During The First 3 Months

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Sabrina - March 28

is it safe during the first 3 months ?


Tracey - March 28

I'm sure it's safe-but I just don't want to! I think I'm too nervous. I hope I'll feel better after my first trimester. How far along are you?


Kelly K - March 28

It's perfectly fine to have s_x in the first trimester as long as you have a normal pregnancy and the doctor hasn't told you not to. My doc told me not to change any of my physical routines including s_x. Said it helps mentally as well. Which I agree with. Just be careful of positions cause sometimes your cervix can be a bit tender.


Heidi - March 28

Like Kelly said, it is. If you want to. Ha ha! Not me! I can count on one hand how many times I have since I got pg! Too sick to do that! Plus I feel all bloated and unattractive. :)


Kelly K - March 28

I've been extremely lucky and my drive has increased (so far) and hubby is VERY happy. S_x has actually gotten better since I got pregnant.


Heidi - March 28

Kelly - The few times we have "done" it, ha ha, I noticed it was WAY more intense than ever before. Too bad I'm not in the mood as much.


tj - April 11

Is it okay to have s_x


Brooke Crow - April 11

Oh yes ... it is "safe" as long as you are not experiencing any of the threatened abortion symptoms. What I've noticed with me, however, is what seems to be very sensitive/swollen inside ... almost like my cervix is beyond tender ... and deep penetration is not comfortable at all. Anyone else?


Milissa - April 11

lets just say the s_x is ten times better! and the orgasms"WOW"


Ca__sie - April 11

I am 7 weeks. My husband and I have only had s_x twice since I found out I was pregnant 4 weeks ago. I feel really bad, but I'm just not into it. I have no desire to do it, and it just makes me nervous. Oh well I hope things get better.


Jo - April 11

In a short answer, yes, it's safe, but I sympathize with your concern. When I first found out I was preg, that was a bit of mood-kill -- neither of us were interested. But once i realized that every little step I took wasn't going to jar the baby out of me (and h__yness took over), we got back to s_x. And like Kelly K and Milissa , i have lots of s_x drive, more than before.


j - April 11

I believe that it is safe. It is also not unusual to spot after but don't be to concerned unless you are heavily bleeding. I agree my s_x drive has really picked up and I think our s_x life is a lot better than before!



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