Sex In Your First Trimester Is It Safe

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crystal74 - June 29

i've been told that we should not because of infections from the sperm? we have pretty rough s_x. so i want to know what's safe and what's not


tritty - June 29

it better be safe because if it's not i'm in big trouble :) maybe just tell your partner to be a bit more gentle. you don't always have to have rough s_x. i've heard that as long as there isn't pain or bleeding with intercourse you're fine. you can always ask your doctor, it's nothing i'm sure they haven't been asked before!


crystal74 - June 29

yeah, i will definetely ask my dr. till then, we'll be gentle. there's never pain but i just feel like we're .*.*.*.*.*.*.*. so hard that it'll knock the baby loose. sorry, TMI


babygirls1st - June 29

Most doctors will tell you if its not ok for u to have s_x. Im pregnant with #2 and am really enjoying s_x with my husband.


pj - June 30

Since I am spotting, I have been specifically told no s_x the whole of the first trimester


ezwaggy - June 30

Hi Crystal, the baby is tucked away safely in shock absorbant amniotic fluid. Unless your doctor specifically tells you not to have s_x you're fine. I even read that the rocking lulls the baby!


fitnessfan21 - June 30

Hi again crystal- Good to see you in the first trimester board. I too am joining you. As for your question, as long as you haven't had any bleeding and the doctor says ok, then s_x should be ok for you. I am not allowed to have s_x for the first trimester due to my past history of m/c's. Good luck!


crystal74 - June 30

ezwaggy - that is actually cute. fitness - good to hear from you, i never stopped cramping so i'm kind of scared.


NKL724 - June 30

I hope it is safe! Ever since i became pregnant, i have been wanting it more. The hubby seems to like it =P


imi09173 - July 2

Hehe ever since my fiance read that sperm is supposed to be good for the baby (because of all the protein and all), that's all he's been talking about :-)


ezwaggy - July 3

Hi Crystal! I'm 3 months today and I still have cramping sometimes. I think it's my uterus stretching -I've grown a little bump. :) How far along are you now?


crystal74 - July 3

we conceived on the tenth of june, so baby is almost one month old.



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