Sex Of The Baby And Preg Symptoms

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twoboys - September 21

Hi girls. I am due May 25th, so it's still very early for me, but this pregnancy is so diff from my first two. As my name says, I have two boys, 5 yo and 22 months. My preg was exactly the same with them, very nauseated, tired all the time and aversion to all foods and smells. This one is like I'm not even preg. Just not much of an appet_te and more tired than usual. I know it's still very early, but I was wondering what others' symptoms are and what their past experiences are with different gender babies. I would love a girl this time, although any child is a wonderful blessing for us! Anyone have experience with chinese gender chart? It came out right for my first two, and this time is comes out girl! I would love to hear your experiences.


Happymommy - September 21

Hi I am also pregnant with my third and I have two boys! My pregnancy has been a little different this time, but from what I have heard pregnancy symptoms are not really a reliable way to guess the baby's s_x. The old wives tale is that you will be more sick with girls than boys, but I don't think that there is much credibility to it. So we'll just have to wait and see! I am kind of hoping for a girl this time, but my two little boys are such sweetheart that I would also be thrilled with another.


Tory1980 - September 21

I have had three boys and am pregnant again but I have no idea what the s_x is. I have had all different symptoms with each of the pregnancies, carried them all differently, had different problems at different times and all their labours were very different. With my first I had no morning sickness at all, conceived on the Pill and found out I was pregnant at 13w4d! My second I was violently ill practically from conception and with my third I was sick for a few weeks and then on and off for the rest of the pregnancy. So far this one the sickness hit at 7weeks and tapered off around 21/22 weeks. I am 24weeks now and still have the odd day of feeling dodgy. I will just have to take my time and find out in a few months!


Tory1980 - September 21

You had me intrigued with the Chinese Gender prediction thingy and when I have just checked they have the first three correct with all being boys but this baby they say girl! Hmm. It will be interesting to see if they are right!


twoboys - September 21

It's also interesting that we all have boys:) I love my two boys and like Happymommy said, they are sweethearts and very close to me, so another boy would be a blessing. A girl would also be great since DH and I are ready for one. Anyone else have experience with the Chinese gender chart? Tory1980--which site did you go to... chinese fortune? I ask, cause some of them vary...just interested in which site gave you the correct results. This preg, I have almost no symptoms yet, but it's still early. With my two boys, the symptoms showed up literally just days after I found out. Good luck to all!


kay101 - September 21

My daughter wasn't planned, so I wasn't looking for symptoms when I had her. I do remember having the little twinges down low in my abdomen, and that I felt a bit sick at certain times during the day. So far my b___bs just hurt alot just on the sides. I've been eating more and peeing more, but I've also been making sure I'm drinking a lot so I'm sure that accounts for some of it. I have been more tired, I feel like the end of the day at work just drags on and on and I actually crashed at 930 last night! I think it's not having the nausea that has been throwing me off, but I don't think it hit till about 5-6 weeks last time for me.


jazminesmom - September 22

i am 12 weeks preggo with #2 and i feel different then last time. my daughter turned 2 today with her i had real bad morning sickness, this one i am a litlle nausous. and this time i am realy tired. i went to a chinese calender this time and some says girl and some say boy so i am confused


ErinP - September 24

I also have a boy who's 22 months. It doesn't really matter to me which I have this time, but I have a feeling it's a girl (I've learned to trust my instinct since with my first I was so sure it was a boy even though I wanted a girl). One thing I had heard from a friend was that she got a lot of extra hair growth when she was pregnant with her daughter, not on the head but just random hairs. I'm finding that with this one too.


jvall2030 - September 24

I have a 6 year old boy and i would love to havea girl this time. I havent had any symptoms though. I feel a bit sick at different times of the day but i haven't thrown up yet? I will be 9 weeks pregnant this Thursday. I dont remember my symptoms with my son but this time I have REALLY sore b___bs, I cant even hug dh without them hurting. My nipples are always hard and very sensitive in the shower!! (Sorry TMI)



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