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margie - February 6

Everytime I have s_x I bleed afterwards and then spot brown for a few days...So we wait until after the spottings stops for a few days and then do it again. Is this doing any harm to the baby or should we just abstain completely? I know that some people abstain for the whole first trimester but I don't feel like that's necessary unless it's proven to cause problems...anyone have some advise on this?


margie - February 6

oh and also...i also have cramping as well after s_x for a while. i've read that spotting/cramping is normal but i just want to make sure that there isn't something i DON'T know...i have a dr appt next monday and will ask him then of course. But sometimes I trust the advise of women who are going through pregnancy themselves a little more than even doctors...sorry, just don't have a lot of faith in medicine sometimes because of things that i've seen happen although i know that it's necessary of course. thank you! :)


aliciavr6 - February 6

any bumps to the cervix can cause old blood to come out, this happened to me a few times in the first trimester. They even say that you will after a pap and give you a pantyliner. But you might want to mention it to your doc just in case.


tyler0323 - February 6

if you are consistanly bleeding after s_x, i would mention this too your doctor, he may tell you to stop have s_x for a while.


margie - February 6

ya, i figured i might not be able to...i had the spotting last tuesday and then stopped until last night when my bf talked me into it although i told him i didnt think it was a good of course regretting it :(


mlg8 - February 6

I have heard the spotting and cramping is normal, but I don't have any experience with it after s_x. However, I was at my dr last week for spotting and she said the general rule of thumb she tells people is, "nothing in the v____a for 7 days after the spotting stops."


margie - February 6

mlg8: thanks! that makes sense actually because if the cervix is hurt and thats why its bleeding then you would want to wait a while AFTER the spotting to let it heal...i will definetely be abstaining at least until next monday for my doc appointment and then ask his opinion, i just feel more comfortable asking him in person than leaving a message with the physicians a__sistant...i'll have a no happy bf but a healthy pregnancy and non worried mommy-to-be are worth it


debbie80 - February 6

Margie- I am 10.5 weeks prego and at 6 weeks prego my dh and I had s_x, I started to bleed right was almost like I had a/f. I have had two m/c before so my doctor told me not to have s_x at all during the first trimester...its killing us but at least I am not bleeding always freaks me out when it happend...I would just relax and try to control those urges!! to your doctor and see what they say...good luck


ChattyKathy - February 6

If the spotting is happening regularly, I'd talk to your doctor and abstain from s_x. He/She might suggest abstaining completely in the first trimester.


kimberly - February 7

If it were me I would abstain from s_x, atleast until you see the Dr. but, that is just me. I had some light bleeding in my second trimester with my last baby and was told to abstain from it anytime I had spotting or bleeding. Good luck, and maybe put a call into the Dr. and see what they say, being you don't see the Dr. for a while still!


margie - February 7

kimberly, i for sure have decided to abstain at least until my appointment next monday when i can talk to dr about's worth it to me. i guess after it stopped spotting the first time i figured it would be safe to try again but then when it happened again i decided just to wait. at least if anything, i can be pretty sure it is from an irritated cervix and intercourse because that is what seems to make the spotting start. i wouldn't mind abstaining through the first trimester if the dr says i have to just to be sure that everything is ok...the bf will just have to live with it, he made the baby too! lol :)


kimberly - February 7

That is a good idea! Hope all works out for you!



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