Sexual Dreams

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sleeplessinseattle - June 16

I've been having some really intense s_xual dreams that even make me climax in my sleep. Very vivid, and steamy. Anyone else? I mean geesh, I'm not a nympho and I've never been "driven" by s_x, so I wonder what this is about. And I like them too!


Nell143 - June 16

Really that actually sounds pretty cool.... to climax from just a dream. I have had vivid s_xual dreams but i usually wake up dh lol.


sleeplessinseattle - June 16

that's funny, i woke up and must have vocally made a noise because my BF was just sleepily staring at me, and neither one of us said a word to each other and just went back to sleep. I was frozen hoping he didn't ask what i was dreaming about because the dream wasn't about him. lol i know, shameful, but not my fault.


olivia - June 16

It happens to me too, both times I have been pregnant. I am a__suming it is the extra blood flow down there that must "heat up" in the night. I keep waking up and laughing feeling like a teenager again. My husband just laughes at me because it's not like I am begging for s_x all day....


sleeplessinseattle - June 16

to olivia: lol


DB - June 16

I am for sure!!! Last night was like my third one!! They're kind of fun, but wierd!!


olivia - June 16

lol -- I have to agree it is fun but weird. It reminds me of when I was a pre-teen and would get all worked up reading some stupid love scene in a cheesy novel.


Steff - June 16

I have been having s_xual dreams also. Agian, they do not involve my boyfriend. I actually dream about my ex (who cheated on me and have no feelings for). I also have dremt about my boss (who is cute but again, no feelings). It's so strange because s_x is the last thing on my mind right now. have have ZERO s_x drive except for when I dream. I am 12 weeks pregnant. I hope my drive comes back, BF is probably getting s_xually frustrated... although he would never say. :)


Kelly S - June 17

i have had some s_xual dreams but also wierd vivid dreams in general. Also a lot of dreams where i am doing things i shouldnt be suck as drinking alcohol. i feel guilty when i wake up lol as if its real, the BF thinks im crazy


tritty - June 17

do you know what the s_x of your baby is?? my friend believes that when you dream about s_x, it has something to do with the s_x of your baby. if in your dreams you see a lot of naked women or something "happening" to a women than you're probably having a boy. if you see a lot of naked men in your dream then you're probably having a girl..... she was dreaming of women and she felt like a pervert and then she found out it was a boy LOL..... just thought you'd like to know :) good luck to you all!


singlem0m - June 17

HAHAHA sleeplessinseattle, I've had some "interesting" dreams too. My boyfriend thinks its funny because I tend to wake up "ready to go". hehehe I guess its a normal thing during pregnancy, I'm just going to enjoy them.


sleeplessinseattle - June 17

singlem0m: I know, I'm just going to enjoy them too. :) Sleep is my new "happy place" these days. lol


A1Ortega - June 23

Yes, but my problem is that when I climax, I get terrible excrutiating pain. Anyone else with that problem?


sleeplessinseattle - June 23

A10rtega: yes I've experienced that a couple of times. It hurt really bad after orgasm. This happened when I was about 8-9 weeks. Now orgasm is just fine, I was scared to climax at first after experiencing the pain. I'm not sure what it is...but it did go away.



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