Share The Times Your Hormones Have Taken Control

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sugar - January 28

Hey Ladies i thought it'd be fun to share the moments your hormones have completly taken over and you've become an emotional wreck when normally you wouldn't. I'll start, I was shopping on Saturday and went to buy a dvd and cover from my mp3 player. I was feeling a bit sick and tired and just wondering around in my own world walked towards the counter and there was four tills with only three people at them so i went to the fourth and gave the man my purchases. Then i felt surrounded and thinking my boyfriend had come to sneak up on my i turned around to talk to him but there was a big man towering over me with his teenage son next to him and he said "There's a queue you know!!" Being my normal self i felt terrible and said "Oh i'm so sorry i didn't see you here you are go ahead." The man's son then made his purchases but they didn't say "Oh it's ok love" or "never mind mistakes happen" they just looked angry. I went to the next till paid and left the shop sobbing so much i couldn't even tell my boyfriend what had happened and he was so worried. I eventually told him and cried for a good half an hour. Now normally I'd just have got irritated at the mans lack of manners but i was so so upset. Looking at it today i feel silly. Haha. What's worse is the man saw me crying and kept his stone cold face. Who's next.....


alirenee86 - January 28

uhmmmm, there's way too many for me to mention :):)


MelissaDawn - January 29

I have one. The other day I made biscuits and there was one left after I had been eating on them all day. I decided to take a nap because I was worn out. My two best friends always make a stop at my apartment before they go to work, and one of them has a key. Well, they were here and gone by the time I woke up. When I woke up, I decided I wanted that last biscuit completely covered in my grandma's yummy homemade apple b___ter. Well, I go into the kitchen and I noticed the girls had cleaned it and washed my dishes and everything for me. The biscuit wasn't sitting on the cookie sheet, so I figured the probly stuck it in the microwave. It wasn't there. I checked in the stove. Not there either. I was almost in tears because I knew one of them had eaten it. I called one of them and said "Donna, who ate my biscuit?" Our friend Aly was the culprit. She ended up buying me another thing of biscuits. Moral of the story is: Do NOT eat a pregnant woman's food!


alirenee86 - January 29

MelissaDawn, that is hysterical. And it's so true. never mess wtih a pregnant woman's food. I loved that about being pregnant most- the best appet_tie! I get SO excited to cook or eat out while pregnant!! ...Hope you got some more biscuits...keep a secret stash or something :)


anamariaflorencia - January 29

Well, I'm pretty surprised that for the most part I've been even-keeled but I did have a few strange occurances. I fought with my boss and told him he doesn't know how to run his business. I'm a teacher at a private school and he told me anyone can teach regardless of training. I told him I dared him to come teach my cla__ses for a week and see if he still held the same opinion! I can't believe I spoke to him that way! My mom bought baby outfits already (I'm only 11 weeks) and when she should them to me I started bawling so bad that I had an intense puking session. I held the clothes so tenderly like my baby was in them for the rest of the evening. I think that's really it so far. I have broken down a cried afew other times but I thought I would have done that pregnant or not. I'm sure I'll be posting again though.



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