Sharp One Sided Pains

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Lesley Ann - February 20

Hello everyone. I am almost 6 weeks pregnancy and for the last 5 days, I have been experiencing sharp little pains (not severe - just worrisome) in my right side (every once and a while the left). The pain is just above my pubic hair line and towards the right. I have heard of ectopic pregnancies so that scares me but I was just wondering if this just could be stretching. It comes and goes throughout the day. Sometimes every few minutes or hours. Most of the time, it's always on the right. Can someone let me know if this sounds normal?


to lesley - February 20

i would not worry to much but i would call and talk to your doctor they can decide if an u/s is needed or not


Brittany - February 20

I am about 7 weeks pregnant and have also had that one sided sharp pain it comes and goes it also is in the left side once in a while. I have been on about every website and can't find anything except not to worry unless it is followed by spotting in a brownish color.


Lesley - February 20

Hello Brittany. Thanks for responding. I have been worried about this because being the nervous person I am, I immediately think that it's an ectopic pregnancy but most say it's just stretching. I hope they are right.


Liz - February 23

Lesley, I too had the pains that you are talking about about 2 weeks ago. went to the ER cuz I felt they were getting worse. I had children before so I knew something wasn't right, They did an ultrasound, tried to tell me the baby was on my ovary which is like a 1% chance of happening. they proceeded to perform a laproscopy thinking I had a tubal pregnancy. They didn't find anything and they montiored my hcq levels for a week or so and everything looked good after that. I go back today for another ultrasound to make sure that the pregnancy is proceeding as it should. it could be from streching ligaments as I have researced all over the internet. Also could be from an ovarian cyst which I have and I think that is what caused my pain. just keep an eye on it.


heather - February 23

i got this before i found out and up to about 8 weeks pregnant.. they tested me for ectopic and now its not happening very often if at all. and baby is perfectly fine.


Kim - February 24

Lesley Ann, I am in my 5th week and have similar pains. It's funny but they go away for the most part when I stand up and walk around. I feel it most when I am driving or sitting/lying down. I will be seeing my doctor next week with some general questions and this will be one of them. I've seen some very similar posts here and most say that it's ligaments stretching. I hope so!


Lesley - February 24

Hello ladies. Thank you all for responding. The pain is still there after 8 days but it's getting better and doesn't come as often so they say that any pain that gets better and begins to go away can't be anything very serious. It must have just been stretching. I go next Friday for another ultrasound. I hope all will be well. Everything was too small to see the last time I went.


Amy - February 24

I'm 11 weeks, and I had the same sharp pains around 5-7 weeks, and my ob/gyn said that that was very don't worry :o)


Reba - February 24

This is not uncommon. You will feel these pangs all throughout pregnancy. If this is your first, you will feel them more. The body is stretching....hips are adjusting. Make sure you get an ultrasound, after having discused it with your doctor. You will worry about everything during pregnancy..this is normal.....Goodluck and take care


baby #1 - February 25

I had these same pains and they thought I had a ectopic preg, but turns out I had a cyst rupture very painful but my baby is ok so It might be a cyst.


Kim - February 25

My pain has been coming and going over the past week or so. After reading all of these posts, I am inclined to think that it's normal. I plan to see my Doctor on Tuesday because I have a lot of questions and I will let him know about the pain. If this were an ectopic pregnancy, would the cramps come and go or would they be more constant? Mine generally only bother me when I am sitting down or driving. Thanks for any advice.


angie - March 2

not ectopic-my sister had that, the pains were severe. you can't miss it. the pains youre describing are what i'v been experiencing ever since 7 weeks (I'm 8 weeks now)


Wendy - March 3

I am just over 7 wks and have had pains like this on & off since ovulation.. I think it is very common.. don't worry so much


Kim - March 3

Thank you, Angie.


Natalie - May 17

I am six week right now and Iam experiencing the same thing! This is my second pregnancy and I am still getting freaked out by little things like this. If I rememebr right, it is normal. Iam going to see my OBGYN tomorrow, so I'll ask her. If it's not normal, I'll let you know.


Dawn - August 19

If you are researching on the internet type in round ligament pain. It is very common during pregnancy. You are just stretching right now. I had to call my doctor about it this morning. Nothing to worry about.



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