SHARP Pain In Lower Right Abdomen

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charee - March 1

I have had this sharp pain in my lower right abdomen for about 24 hours now, and it feels like its gotten worse. I dont know if its my bowels or what.... i also have a lot of cramping that just doesnt seem to go away. My husband keeps getting upset that im always having some sort of ache or pain.... but i really am. Maybe i should just stop being a wuss about it, i dont know....' Anyone know about the sharp pain though?


MrsShelton217 - March 1

Sharp pain in pregnancy is never something to fool around with. How far along are you? Any bleeding? Has this happened before? Give me some more details. Is it truely SHARP, or is it a persistant ache? Does it come and go? or is it all the time? Does it hurt to push on it? Does it help to lay down... etc.


charee - March 1

Im not sure if its sharp or dull... its always there and it hurts... i want to push on it really hard and make it go away, but it doesnt seem to help and i dont want to hurt anything.... seems to be worse when im up and about, a little better when i lay down...


ahay - March 1

Charee I think you should maybe go in to your OB ASAP. this could be an ectopic pregnancy. Not trying to scare you but you better to be safe than sorry.


Cathy2 - March 1

I have been aching and having sharp shooting pains at odd times but peristently for the past few days. (11 weeks) But thankfully my doctors has ruled out ovarian cysts, etopic pregancy, kidney and appendix problems and possiblity of bladder infection. That having been said, he insists it's bloating and gas!!! It gets alot better the more I rest and he has put me on half days at owrk next week...I am on my feet 12 hours a day if I go work and he says that my fatigue and lack of rest is really just too much on my body right now...


charee - March 1

I know its not eptopic- I am 13 weeks and went to ER for abdominal pain about 2 weeks ago... and they dont know why. Anyway, it hurts after i pee too... but they said i dont have a bladder infection so i guess im just crazy, thanks for the help though =)


Shannie - March 2

I've had a dull ache from time to time in my lower right abdomen too. Very little on the left too. I know that I have a history of ovarian cysts but I'm not sure if this is the case. It doesn't hurt all the time, just certain activities but I also know that I have HORRIBLE gas so it very well could be gas. Gas is the weirdest thing, I tell ya.


MrsShelton217 - March 2

Charee, There is a big difference between sharp and dull. It COULD just be your uterus stretching and pulling on muscles, which would explain why it seems to be worse when you are up and about. As long as the pain is not accompanied by any bleeding, and the pain isn't causing you to double over and not be able to funtion then I would just mention it to your doctor. If you have a gut feeling that something may be wrong, then by all means call your OB. It doesn't sound like anything serious. But Its always best to be safe.





Grewal - March 2

hi charee i had the same pain that you are complaining about it was there from last night and whole day yesterday but no bleeding or spotting at all so i went to the doctor this morning and they did my ultrasound twice vag and top so they said there is nothing worng some womens get them in there early pregnancy i am only 6 weeks so they said what happen actually that your utreus strech and as the baby starts to get bigger the uterus move around both side and causes pain nothing to worry about ones it get big enough that does'nt have room around then the pain will go way I hope that help I can understand how trible it is and plus on the top on that when your husband dont understand it hurt's more we are in the same boat and husband's dont understand us good luck i hope that answer your question....


DeeD - March 2

I had the same was a huge cyst that filled my abdomen with blood and I was admitted to the hospital. I agree with Mrs. Shelton...abdominal pain can not only be serious, but can be life threatening. If it is that bad, get to the ER immediately. It could be nothing, but it could be something. Better to be safe than sorry or worse. Be careful and take care of yourself. ***HUGS***


charee - March 2

thanks for all the advice girls, It seems better today (it hasnt been hurting alll day long). I am just a basketcase lately, my husband is always yelling at me for saying something hurts, and he doesnt understand. He has been walking around the house not speaking to me off and on for 2 weeks. I just wish he had some compa__sion- but he doesnt so i try to have it for him. Way off subject!!! Thanks for the advice, if i feel i need to go to ER i will!! =) Happy Friday!


looby lou - March 5

God yes!!, how far are you?? I don't want to worry you but i think it's cause for concern, if it's a constant pain on one side, then i'd take no hostages and go staight to A/E, right away. I think even if it's nothing at least it puts your mind at rest. I had an ectopic last year " i dont mean to scare" you but please go with your instincs!.. no one knows what your feeling but yourself. hope everythings ok for you, keep us informed!.


lisarenee - March 5

How far along are you? I recently had an ectopic pregnancy, and I do not want to alarm you, but I think ANY persistant pain needs to be addresed by a doctor!


charee - March 6

I thought i have said this but i guess i didnt =) I am 14 weeks- and i have been to the ER for abdominal pain but it was about 3 weeks ago- they did an ultrasound (which i WASNT able to see AT ALL!) and everything is fine, its not eptopic- i think you usually know about that by about 10 weeks or so. Anyway Im wondering if it was gas or my bowels because is mainly went away, although i really need to get prenatal care SOON ASAP! Im calling around tomorrow!



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