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Paige80 - January 25

I'm 5 weeks, and I've been getting some very sharp pains in my sides, back, and uterus area... around there. All around my waist basically. It happens about two or three times a day where I'll just be sitting, standing, in the middle of standing up and I will get such a sharp pain shooting through my middle. A few times it even made me flinch -- I'd just say, "Owwww!!!" aloud because it would surprise me and hurt! Whenever that ISN'T happening, I'm having normal cramps... it feels as though I'm about to get my period, but there's been no bleeding at all -- not even implantation bleeding in the beginning. I just don't know if sharp random pains aside from cramps are common, normal, healthy, etc... thanks!


krissy - January 26

i have heard that sharp pains are not common you should call your dr. and ask them what you need to do......i have only had the very mild period like cramps....hope that helps!!!


1st timer - January 27

Unless the sharp pains are so severe you can't bare them, they are usual just caused by your insides moving around and stretching. I'm 5w, 2d and i have been having the same pains since I found out I am pregnant. When is your 1st appt? Mine isn't until Feb. 27th and it's driving me nuts! I will be almost 10 weeks by then!


preggosauce - January 28

Hey! I'm about 5 weeks pregnant as well, and have had those same sharp pains. The pains are very low in my stomach, but I have to breath through them sometimes because they hurt so bad. Like you, I only get them a few times a day, and the rest of the day I have mild cramping. I hope this is normal too. I have an appt this Wednesday, I'll keep you posted on what the Dr. says.


drea - January 30

i had the same pains and i got really nervous about it. i called my doctor and she said if it's not so bad where i'm doubled over in pain and if it is not a constant pain that lasts for a long time, then it's probably gas and/or constipation. in my case i think she was right b/c i have been extremely constipated. i am 7 weeks and it has began to ease up a little, but i still get them every now and then. i'm sure its just gas, but i still think you should talk to your doctor, better to be safe then sorry



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