Shooting Vagina Pains

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Lenore - May 18

I am in my 7th week and for the past two weeks I have been having these weird shooting pains in my groin. I referred to my book and there it was another symptom of pregancy "shooting va___a pains" just wondering if any one else has experinced this and if I should call my doctor?


vanessa - May 18

I have these too. It almost feels like a sharp gas pain in your v____a, right? This is due to increased blood flow to your groin and they probably will stay with us throughout the entire pregnancy. If you are worried about the pain being too severe, I would call your doctor for rea__surance. Good luck.


c - May 19

I experienced these very early in the pregnancy. At around 5 dpo. they disappeared shortly after i had a bfp. Mine were more like shooting twinges from the cervix to belly b___ton, mostly when i first sit down and some times a sensation of an air bubble in the area? My last pregnancy i had what i called a walking orgasm. Sensation is very weird. What book did you find this information in?. I looked in several for this as i had it with all 4 pregnancies, I thought i was the only one as nobody talked about it.


Lily - May 19

Hey Ladies, I'm 16 weeks, and I used to have those pains as well. The way Lenore describes it was exactly the way it felt for me. I consulted my doctor because it had double me over once or twice. He told me that it was just increased blood flow and that everything was fine. He also told me that it could just be ligament pains in that area, as your tummy expands with your baby's growth. If you're still concerned, call your doctor and talk to him, he'll know what's best.


Milly - June 2

I am in 2WW after IVF treatment (egg donation) and I have been getting these pains but really low down, ie virtually at the entrance to the v____a with the feeling that the pains are in my labia. I get these pains often a few minutes normally before my period arrives, but this time I have been getting them since around 5 days after ET. Maybe it is progesterone pessaries playing their evil game. The pain to me is like a sharp electric shock. Good luck everyone


kat - June 10

dont worry, im also am having shooting pains inside my v____a. mainly on the left hand side. i comes and goes. im not worried unless there is blood. i am also 7 weeks preg. hope everything goes well.


Nadia - June 12

i am 7 weeks pregnant with 2 previous miscarriages. currently taking prometrium 200 mg twice a day. i started having same kind of shooting pain in the lower area so went to emergency room today, they did a sono and the dr. said he saw a heartbeat, everything looks fine for noe but he saw slight bleeding. i havent seen any when i wipe myself. i might or might not lead to a miscarriage. anyone ever saw bleeding in a sonogram. just devastated.



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