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Clair08 - November 11

I spotted twice around 5 weeks and then around 6 weeks had an ultra sound and saw a baby with a good strong heartbeat. I was very happy! About two weeks later I had MORE spotting. Just very light pink just when I wiped. Went to the ER and they told me there was a little blood on my cervix but everything was thick and closed. Has my baby died? I havent had anymore bleeding since then. I dont go to hear the heart beat until the 20th of Nov. Do you think all is well with my baby? I am currently 10 weeks and one day.


Krissy25 - November 11

Try and relax and not worry too much, it sounds like things are ok. Spotting here and there in pregnancy can be normal and if it's just spotting and hasn't gotten heavier it's probably ok. Have you been in contact with your doctor? You can call and try to get an earlier appointment.


newlywed0915 - November 13

Clair, if you call your doctor and voice your concern, they can arragne for an ultrasound to check on your baby. Just tell them why you are concerned. I had bleeding at the end of 4 weeks, that had started with brownish to pinkish spotting and I went to the ER. The bleeding started at the ER. They did a u/s and didn't see any blood coming from the gestational sac. SO they told me to take it easy and called it a threatened miscarriage. They had me come in a few days later to test my hcg level again to make sure it was going up, and they sure did. Then a week and a half later, last Friday, they had me come in for another u/s and we saw the baby with a heartbeat and all. Maybe I've just been lucky having a really good ob office. They have me coming in for my fist appt. this Friday actually, and I'll be almost 8 weeks. If I were you, to put your mind at ease...just call and voice your concern to your doctor and see if you can get an ultrasound because of what happened.


newlywed0915 - November 13

but don't stress to much. If you havent had any serious cramping or bleeding, you're probably okay. Its also common for pinkish spotting to occur after s_x, because your cervix is a lot more sensitive, and stimulation causes the blood to rush to it. Just so you know. ;-) A good book to get that helps you "troubleshoot" problems with your pregnant self is "What to Expect When You're Expecting". It helped me determine whether or not I had to go to the ER that time, and I'm glad I read it and took their advice.



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