Should I Be Worried If I Just Dont Feel Pregnant Im 6 Weeks

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JenniferRose - June 29

This is so weird, i was pregnant yrs ago, but m/s, but i remember having the worst morning sickness, now im 6 weeks and a cple days, and i only had a few days of morning sickness, but i do have a lot of cramping, tiredness, br___t tenderness, loss of appet_te, but starting this week (week 6), i dont feel pregnant at all. Should i worry or be happy?


Lala - June 29

I feel the same way especially since my 7th week. Everything has been fine, though. I even made the nurse check my hCG level at 7 weeks; it was fine. I just don't feel pregnant. I guess we should be glad. You know, it's true that every pregnancy is different, so this one may just be different than your other. Tomarrow, I see the doctor and should be able to hear the heartbeat for the first time : ) I am almost 10 weeks now.


Gena - June 29

Jennifer, I have heard the heartbeat and I still don't feel pregnant and I'm almost 13 weeks. I don't think I'll feel pregnant until I see my belly getting bigger.


Lia - June 29

Jennifer ...Don't worry...Be Happy! With my first pregnancy I was sick from weeks 6-16. It was not pleasant. Enjoy. It may hit you later, but I hope it pa__ses you by. :->


debbie80 - June 29

Hi Jennifer~ Well I got my first BFP one week ago and I am still in denial. I took two test and they both came back postive right away. My doctors appointment is not until next Thursday so I have to wait a whole week before I can really confirm my pregnancy..I just dont feel pregnant....I mean I have sore b___bs, tired all the time, headache...but over all, I feel good...did anyone else really feel this way when they first found out? Im afraid when I go to the doctors that the test is going to come out negative.its just a weird feeling that I have...


crystal74 - June 29

i'm about 3-4 weeks along and haven't had any morning sickness. i think it's cuz i eat really healthy. but maybe i'm that one out of four that won't get it. i feel great too besides being more tired and i feel like a have a ton of bricks in my b___bs. ouch!!!


dayydreamer - June 30

Hey girls! Im not even sure If im pregnant yet. I got 3 negatives but Im thinking maybe its too early??? If Iam pregnant, Im exactly 6 weeks today!! sometimes I feel like Im deff. pregnant, other times I feel like Im not! Im so confused!!! My b___sts seem to be nipples seem darker...the veins are much more prominent...and i get morning sickness at night it seems. oh and also i feel fatter a little bit..maybe bloated? im 11 days late..and my appet_te has increased. do I sound pregnant??? much love to everyone!


d16mond - June 30

Sounds normal JenniferRose. When I was pregnant with my daughter i had no morning sickness what-so-ever, didn't even know I was pregnant till I was about 7 weeks pregnant. Then with my second child I had terrible morning sickness, each pregnancy is different, this time i have some morning sickness but its not too bad. :-) all the best. Enjoy.


sandy_p - February 5

Last yr i m/c so when i found out i was pregnant i went to the dr for some spotting he did a sonogram and said the yolk sack was very small and could not say for sure if it was ok i am not having any morning sickness my b___st are sore but other than that i dont feel pregnant should i be worried i cant help but worry over every little thing.


zerfowski05 - February 5

I pretty much feel the same way. I got my BFP on last tuesday and was completely shocked. My husband and i didn't plan this but are excited just the same. Besides my b___bs being incredibly sore, being a little more tired than usual, and being constipated, I really have no signs. I do get really ga__sy and bloated as the day goes on though and when I eat after I get about half way through my meal I'm a little nauseous. Thats it though. I should be 7 wks on Thursday and I go to the dr. on Friday. This is our first baby so EVERYTHING is completely new. I had a mc in oct. of 2005 but was only a couple weeks so really didn't have any symptoms at all. It just hasn't hit me yet!


MNMOM - February 6

I had the same thing this time around at 6 weeks, but BOY did it all kick in around 8-10 weeks and I was miserable!!! Enjoy the peace while you have it!! :)


tk07 - February 6

hi! do you mean all your symptoms are gone? i had that happen to me and i went in yesterday and i heard the heartbeat and the size was good too. i am still awaiting my blood test results though. my Dr told me weird things can happpen and everyone is different. i was so worried i had m/c again though! as of right now i think i am ok. good luck and don't be afraid to call the Dr if you are worried.


sandy_p - February 7

ok i am feeling way better went to the dr yesterday saw the heart beat dr said my pains were from things growing inside. but i still have no symptoms guess i should be glad.


jen327 - February 7

Congrats on your pregnancy and Congrats on not having too many symptoms. I had them off and on. But with my DS I had none. This one i had more morning sickness and sore bbs. But each pregnancy is different so I would not be alarmed. Plus 6 weeks is still very early. I bet you will get some more symptoms soon.


flipthea - February 7

U just might get hit with all the sympotms later. Although it sounds like u have some mild ones now. I didn't seem to get worse until week 8. I missed a lot of work! I'm 12 weeks now and it seems to be alternating between nausea and ravenous appet_te!


Hamiltino - February 8

Hi JenniferRose. On my first I didnt feel pregnant until I felt her move. I had no symptoms at all. Just be lucky. i am onto my second and feel sick all the time. Enjoy and when you feel him/her kick you will know you are pregnant. Good luck



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