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WyattsMommy - December 4

I'm wondering if I should call my OB's office. I went yesterday for my first appointment. Basically, they took my blood and took a urine sample. Gave me some stuff to read and sent me on my merry way. I don't go back until Jan. 11. I'm wondering if I should call to see if my bloodwork came back okay...I'd like to know if my hcg levels are within normal limits and all that stuff. The nurse said they weren't going to call me with the results, but do you think it's okay to call them? I'm just worried...I'm only 6w5d, and I want to be sure everything is getting off to a good start. Maybe I worry too much?


meg - December 4

I am a total worry wart, & I would call! Not that one hcg blood test is going to tell you much (the numbers vary too much), but I would still want to know what my levels were. Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a great pregnancy!


stefkay - December 4

Hey, I'm a worrier too and it is completely your RIGHT to know what is going on with your baby! Like meg said, one test won't tell a lot, but if they draw another in 48 hours that will tell more if it is doubling, etc. I think that your number will be able to roughly place you in a time frame though (numbers do vary widely though). I can't believe how hands-off OBs are with pregnancies for the most part. I'm high risk due to previous losses, so I get an u/s ever 2 weeks starting at 6 weeks AND get to talk to the actual dr. in his office each time. It eases my mind so much. It causes way too much anxiety on a pregnant woman to just be told to come back in 4 weeks only to get a urine sample done! I couldn't imagine not having an u/s till 20 weeks either....


WyattsMommy - December 4

I know, stefkay! I don't think I can wait until between 17-22 weeks for my ultrasound! But my OB doesn't do an ultrasound until then unless there's reason to do one. Acutally, though, my aunt's good friend does ultrasounds, and she's going to meet me at the office one Saturday a month to do an ultrasound for me. I'm very thankful for this b/c my DH will be gone for my entire pregnancy (in Iraq), and at least I'll have pictures/video to send him of our little peanut.


stefkay - December 4

That is wonderful! Yep, I have a friend who is an u/s tech too, but I haven't had to use her. It's rea__suring to know you CAN do that :) Especially nice to be able to send them to your dh. I have a friend here who's husband is in Iraq and she just had her baby girl about a month and a half ago! It's been tough on her, but she is doing great!


preggosauce - December 4

Hey WyattsMommy. My husband just got back from a 15 month deployment to Iraq. 2 months after he left I had our first child, and when he got back she was 13 months old. CRAZY!! So, I totally know what you are going through. If you ever need to talk or anything just let me know. Where are you stationed?


mjvdec01 - December 4

If you want to call, then call. It is your medical record and you have the right to know if you want to. On the other hand, if there was something to worry about the doctor himself would call you. I think the big reason why they don't always share test results with us is because they know we will obsess and comparing our results to others wich isn't alway the best thing to do. Every woman is different, and what is normal for one, may not be okay for another. It is up to you ultimately because it is you child and your body.


JaydensMommy - December 4

I would give a call. You have a right to know your results. I would not wait to call them. You know how crazy offices the time they call you will be going bonkers wondering.


softbreeze200 - December 4

I would call, just to set your mind at ease. I am sure that everything is just fine with baby, and liek the rest of us, you just want that extra rea__surance anytime you can get it! All the best hon!!



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