Should I Do D Amp C Or Naturally Miscarry

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evae777 - October 14

my last period started on August 22nd and ended Aug. 29th. So I am not sure how far along I am, but the ultrasound measures my gestational sack at 8 weeks. Doc says i am 7 weeks.There is a yolk sak and no embryo (or if there is it is too small to see). The doc is very confident I will miscarry and is already suggesting the D&C. Thing is, I know some women that didn't see a heartbeat or embryo until 8 weeks, but my doc is confident along with the second opinion I got - that doc says the same thing. they say my gestational sac is measuring too large for there to be an absence of an embryo and a heartbeat. should i get a D&C or naturally miscarry? anyone been through this?


starlight_94 - October 14

Honestly if it were me I would let nature take its course. It may not end the way they think and you may have a normal pg. My dr doesnt even see me until 10 weeks, b/c it is just to early before that to make any decisions or to worry about that type of thing. If you are going to m/c then it will happen, but I would wait. I personally dont know what to tell you to do, but that is what I would do. I am so sorry to hear about ur situation and I will be praying for you. Keep me updated with your decision! Good luck and god bless


MrsH06 - October 14

Ev, Im so sorry. I went through this in May. I have a couple of questions for you...Have you had you hcg levels drawn? Have you had more than one ultrasound that shows that sac collapsing? Have you ben on any medication, like, progesterone? For me, all of that was adding up to I shoud have a d&c. After talking with some friends, some people said that it can take a long time for a natural miscarriage to pa__s. For me there was for sure no hope. So I went ahead and scheduled the d&c. I wanted to just get it over with and not sit around waiting for everything to pa__s. I just wanted it over so that I could start trying again. I did start pa__sing tissue the day before my d&c and they i guess..."finished" it. Surprisingly enough, after the d&c there was no pain, not like the pain I had when I started miscarrying. I thought I would be prepared for the miscarriage knowing that it was coming, I wasnt. I wish that it wouldnt have starte before my d&c. Well good luck with everything. Dont do anything you are not comfortable with. Listen to your gut.


evae777 - October 14

mrsH06 did you bleed long after the D&C, was it painful and did they put you to sleep? i'm so scared.


BabyMakes7 - October 15

Trust your body and instincts. I had this happen many years ago to me. I posted my story in the June thread, but the short version is that I demanded another u/s and they "found" my baby. If you aren't bleeding, wait a week to 10 to see what transpires. I'll keep you in my prayers!


Krissy25 - October 15

Evae, i'm so sorry that you are experiencing this. In my opinion if 2 doctors confirmed this by using u/s and testing hcg levels to see that they are not rising properly, then there is probably not much hope. There is nothing wrong with waiting for nature to take it's course, but in my experience this may take a while. For me by the time i started spotting my pregnancy had probably stopped around 2 weeks earlier by what the u/s showed. My spotting increased everyday until i was bleeding, i was also cramping worse than i ever had with a period. This went on for about 10 days, and i still hadn't pa__sed anything. My doctor finally ordered a d&c. I was very scared but she had told me since it was taking so long the risk of infection was becoming high. I had the procedure done at a local hospital, they put me under for it, and i was out no longer than 45 min. The physical pain was gone immediatly although i did feel somewhat uncomfortable sitting and i had to pee a lot for the next few hours. The next day i was completly fine and the bleeding pretty much completly stopped. I'm not saying this is the was everyone should go, and i don't think it is right that doctors seem to push it like it is the only option, but the procedure is retelatvly painless and if you feel like you are ready to move on so you can be closer to trying again it is something to consider. Again i am so sorry you have been put in this situation, no woman should have to be there. I hope my experience can help you make the right decision for you.


evae777 - October 15

thanks everyone for your responses, Krissy and Mrsh06, since you both have had a D&C I am just curious. My doc told me that if I have the D&C then I will still bleed for 2 weeks, but without clots. from the sounds of it you both had a better experience, did you bleed for awhile after? also, my doc said he can put me to sleep, do you both think this will be better? I dread staying awake while hearing them do the evacuation. and what about hormones afterwards? were you tired for awhile with no energy? i didn't think i would be sad if this one didn't work out since i have a 9 mth old and wasn't ready for it anyways, but i actually am pretty down about it because for the past few months i have had heavy 1st trimester symptoms being super tired and sick to where my husband has put alot of time into taking care of me and even taking off work and now i have to go through this and i feel terrible because now i have to take time to recover and i feel like such a burden. anyways, thanks for listening and anymore input about the D&C so i can better prepare will help lots...


MrsH06 - October 15

Ev, I didnt hardly bleed at all. I bought these huge jumbo pads, never even used them. As for as being put to sleep,,I was really glad that I was. They wheel you into the OR and there are these big L shapes brackets that they put your legs in. Much bigger than "stirrups". I would have been so embarrased. I think its much nicer to just "sleep" through it and not have deal with dr stuff. I did have pain right after, it was controlled with iv medication. Then, I really didnt have any problems. I honestly felt fine, and (sorry to say) relieved. THat it was over and I didnt have to worry about what was going on. this was the first time I KNEW FOR SURE what was happening to my own body. Good luck, let us know how your doing.


evae777 - October 15

i wonder why my doc says that i will have heavy bleeding for 2 weeks after? maybe he is preparing me for the worst. mrsh06 were you able to function and go back to work right away? what was your recovery time like? also, were you able to go home from the hospital right away? thanks for answering my questions!


evae777 - October 15

also, i am having hard neckaches and migraines almost all day everyday and my uterus of course doesn't feel quite right,heavy and achy but not like pms. i hope that the D&C will relieve me of this. i am so miserable in my body right now sometimes i think im better off dead. i don't remember my first trimester from my last pregnancy was this weird. i am planning on doing the D&C next week and i hope that it clears this all up, i feel like i got hit by a truck.


Krissy25 - October 15

Evae of course you are sad, even if getting pregnant wasn't what you had wanted right now, it is still a loss. I too felt releived after the d&c.. I just felt like i had been dealing with it long enough adn it was time to move on. I think being asleep is the best thing. I actually don't even remember the OR room at all b/c they had given me this stuff to help me relax and the last thing i remember is being wheeled to the OR and then suddenly a nurse was calling my name in the recovery room. Like i said before the bleeding pretty much stopped instantly. As for hormones, im not really sure. I was really bummed that i had lost the pregnancy so it is hard to say if hormones played a roll in my emotions. I think though i ended up having more energy b/c i could finally walk withou out being hunched over and i could finally sleep without being in so much pain. I don't know, i'm sure everyone is different but that is my experience. Also let your dh take care of you, i guarantee you are not being a burden, if fact he probably feels helpless right now. Honestly you shouldn't be worried about causing too much trouble, worry about yourself now and getting through this.


MrsH06 - October 15

Krissy, I agree with everything you said. I felt the same exact way. Ev, I went home about 2 hous after the procedure. I laid on the couch for the rest of the day. From about 1 on...and really was fine after that. Like Krissy said, it was almost a relief. It felt like a burden had been takin off of my shoulders. I know for a fact it was the right decision for me. You should have that heavy of bleeding. They wil be removing any clots and SHOULD be doing cautery on any "bleeders" in your uterus. I know I have a few spots that had to be cauterized during the procedure. I cant say about your mental state, but I can tell you about 99% sure your body will feel TONS better. The procedure itself will be a peice of cake. I think your gonna do great. Youll make the right decision for you. Take care


evae777 - October 16

my doc called me and told me that the first round of HCG blood test taken was really high, but still in a normal range measuring for an 8 week pregnancy. So he is having me come in on Friday to take another HCG blood test and if it is still running higher but in a normal range then we will do an ultrasound next week to see if there is a heartbeat. but if it is too high or higher than normal then he is sure it is a Molar pregnancy. he says that with my blood results being measuring 8 weeks and at the highest range of normal for that time frame that we should've seen a heartbeat without a problem, so the fact that we did 2 different ultrasounds and didn't see anything, he is for certain this will be a Molar. but if all of a sudden we see a heartbeat next week then that will be a miracle! i didnt suffer for 2 mths for no reason. however, my OB is the best in the area & his predictions are known to never be wrong. he truly is preparing me to come in next week for the D&C. ugh this has been so stressful, i really don't have any hope and expecting the worst. thanks again ladies for your input and your comfort.


Krissy25 - October 16

Evae, I'm so sorry to hear that this could be a molar pregnancy. I don't know a whole lot about them except that they are very serious and most doctors recomend you wait a year before you start trying again. Your doctor sounds like he is handling it well and not rushing into anything, it seems like you are in very good hands. I wish you all the best these next few weeks. keep us updated on everything.


Ashleydee - March 23

I know that this is an old post and any decisions have already been made (I hope everything is ok now); but I wanted to share my story about D&C's for anyone who still reads back through these post like I do. When I read this story, I called my mom and told her about it then I decided I would tell all of you the story too! When my mother first found out she was expecting Dec. '83 she was estatic...after two months she had some light bleeding that lasted 3 days. She told me that at this point she felt she had miscarried, but when she went to the doctor, her hormone levels were still too high and the u/s looked appropriate for her time period, so they a__sumed it was implantation bleeding. The next appointment she went to (the middle of Feb. at this time), the doc did another u/s and there was no heartbeat. My mother was terrified of a D&C and said that her gut just told her not to do it, so against her doctors advice she decided against it. She went back to the doctor 2 weeks later and a heartbeat had appeared (this would be me). She had miscarried the first time and got pregnant again in the same month so the doctors were not able to tell the difference. If she had done the D&C it would have killed me. If your body or mind ever, ever, tells you not to go through with something, listen to it! It will typically tell you what it needs! Just thought I would share for others who might be on the fence but scared to say no to a doctor!



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